WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall, 1994)
New Haven, Connecticut
Page 12


Column Editor: Richard D. Hacken
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We announce the passing from this life of our WESS colleague, David J. Cooper. David was the Humanities Bibliographer at Johns Hopkins University from September 1985 to February 1989 and had been working since that time on a special project in the Music Division, Library of Congress. Three of those surviving David are his companion, Vincent; a former wife; and a son. I personally recall my last conversation with David, a scant 10 steps from the K.G. Saur booth at a recent ALA convention, in which he spoke enthusiastically about his personal impressions of Al Gore and his hopes for the Information Superhighway. Any of you wishing to correspond with the family may contact David's brother: Jon C. Cooper, 6 Dandy Drive, Cos Cobb, CT 06807.

Reinhart Sonnenburg has accepted the position of Literature and Languages Bibliographer at the University of California, San Diego. He is excited about it (he loves San Diego), and he looks forward to continuing Ulla Sweedler's work there.

Virginia Gaines, who acquires and processes German language materials at the University of Texas at Austin, informs us that she will soon (any day now) upgrade her workstation from a non-correcting sub-Selectric just-barely-electric typewriter to a Power Mac (courtesy of Apple Computers, not MacDonalds). We wish her well as she enters the rarified air of 20th-century electronics. In any case, hers appears to be a win-win situation, since when Virginia Gaines, nobody loses.

Speaking of Virginia, Jim Campbell has changed responsibilities and titles. He's now "Humanities Bibliographer" and also "Electronic Collections Coordinator" at the University of Virginia, which is to say that he nags and advises his colleagues about selection of electronic materials. Jim, co- conspirator of a German specialists' electronic bulletin board and proponent of a Western European species of gopher, is dangerously close to being enthroned "WESS Network God."

Bob Mareck has resigned from active selection activity at Michigan State University Libraries. As part of a phased-in retirement which began in 1992, his appointment year was changed (whittled down, improved) from 12 to 9 months. Until the end of this calendar year he is heading the collection management division as associate director. Meanwhile Bob has launched Spires Bindery, a home workshop specializing in book repair, hand binding and conservation. Last summer he took classes at the American School of Bookbinding at Telluride, Colorado under Tini Miura and Hans Peter Froelich. Perhaps the happy combo of words so mellifluous to Bob ("phased-in retirement") and their complimentary complement ("Phased-out stress") will call forth a mixture of jealousy and anticipation within the minds of the rest of us aging but busy serfs.

Now available through a vendor near you is the bibliography compiled by our colleague, Franziska Ott, entitled: "Cincinnati German Imprints: A Checklist." This Lang volume checks in fortuitously as Number 7 in the series New German-American Studies. Frances, as you know or may have guessed by now, is the cataloger of German-language imprints at the University of Cincinnati.

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