WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall, 1994)
New Haven, Connecticut
Page 5


Column Editor: Michael P. Olson

Submissions are welcome (see address)

KDB = Kurt De Belder (NNU)
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson (CtY)
XL = Xin Li (CtY)
AJO = Anthony J. Oddo (CtY)
MPO = Michael P. Olson (MH)

  • ASIM: Archivio delle similitudini. Ed. Ottavio Besomi e Nicola Casella. Hildesheim: G. Olms, 1994-; 24 cm. ISSN 0940-838X. Contents: V. 1: Ariosto, Boiardo, Marino, Pulci, Bernardo Tasso, Torquato Tasso, Tassoni, Trissino. ISBN 3487097958 (v. 1) DM 98.00.

    An index of similes in selected Renaissance epics. Both terms of each figure receive an entry. A "twin" of the Archivio tematico della lirica italiana (v. 1: on Marino's La lira [Olms, 1991]). [JKL]

  • Andrade [Pardal], Ernesto d'. Dicionário inverso do português. Lisboa: Edições Cosmos, 1993. xix, 784 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 9729170894; LCCN 93222151. $81.00.

    A character-by-character reverse dictionary of Portuguese, indicating the part of speech for each word. A 9-page introduction offers a statistical analysis with charts. LC places author s.v. "Pardal." [JKL]

  • Beaumarchais, Jean-Pierre de, and Couty, Daniel, eds. Dictionnaire des oeuvres littéraires de langue française. Paris: Bordas, c1994-. [4] v.; 30 cm. ISBN 204018550X (t. 1); ISBN 2040185526 (t. 2) 450 FF/vol.

    The third major publication in an enterprise that includes the Dictionnaire des littératures de langue française (1984, rev. & augm. 1987; Balay BD312; Walford5 3/#7966) and the Anthologie des littératures de langue française (1988). Three volumes of this title lexicon have already been published (A-C/D-J/K-P). A collective work which will in total include about 3,700 signed entries written by 100 collaborators. Has a broader perspective than Anthony Levi's work (see below): includes works which are not part of the traditional canon. Entries go beyond the summary and place the work in its historical context and provide a critical analysis. Articles offer references to recent editions of the texts, but no citations of secondary works. Very useful and thorough. [KDB]

  • Bencini, Andrea, and Citernesi, Eugenia. Parole degli anni novanta. 2a ed. Firenze: Le Monnier, 1993. xii, 432 p.; 22 cm.

    p. 6

    (Materiali e ricerche per il Devoto-Oli) ISBN 8800510469; LCCN 93108076 [1st ed.]. L35000.

    A lexicon of about 5000 new terms and usages, supplementing the 1990 edition of G. Devoto and G. C. Oli's Dizionario della lingua italiana (Sheehy AD493, Walford5 3/#5766). Brief quotations illustrate the definitions, with references to the sources, usually newspapers, magazines and contemporary fiction. [JKL]

  • I Best seller del ventennio: il regime e il libro di massa. Ed. Gigliola De Donato e Vanna Gazzola Stacchini. Roma: Riuniti, 1991 lxiii, 729 p., [26] p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 24 cm. (Accademia) ISBN 8835935024. L90000.

    A critical anthology of extracts from best sellers of the Fascist period. A 60-page appendix offers "Notizie biobibliografiche sugli autori antologizzati," including critical works. [JKL]

  • La Bibliografia della letteratura italiana in America Latina. Ed. Vicente Giancotti. Torino: Edizioni della Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli, c1992. 294 p.; 21 cm. (Quaderni della Fondazione) ISBN 8878600652; LCCN 93155779. L20,000.

    A bibliography of "gli studi sulla cultura italiana e gli scritti di autori italiani che sono stati pubblicati in America Latina nell'ultimo secolo, nel campo delle scienze humane e sociali." Alphabetical by main entry; no index. [JKL]

  • Bibliografía valenciana: Monografías 1989. València: Generalitat Valenciana, Consellería de Cultura, Educació i Ciència, c1992. 343 p. 28 cm. LCCN 91655603. 2750 ptas.

    Annual classed bibliography starting in 1983 of books published in the Generalitat. Includes indices of authors, subjects, titles and printers. In appendix: bibliometric analyses of various elements of the bibliographic descriptions. Complements the Generalitat's Bibliografía valenciana: publicaciones periódicas (1987). [JKL]

  • Bibliographie sélective de linguistique romane et française. by Willy Bal ... [et al.]. Paris; Louvain-la-Neuve: Duculot, c1991. 268 p.: maps; 24 cm. (Champs linguistiques, ISSN 0777-2033) ISBN 2801108251. $34.80.

    A classed, selective, unannotated bibliography of Romance linguistics that succeeds Bal and Germain's 1978 Guide bibliographique de linquistique romane (Sheehy BC113, Walford5 3/#5664), emphasizing recent work. Includes an index of main entries. [JKL]

  • Biblioteca Nacional (Spain). Catálogo de manuscritos poéticos castellanos de los siglos XVI y XVII en la Biblioteca Nacional. Madrid: Ministerio de Cultura, Biblioteca Nacional, 1993. [6] v.; 24 cm. ISBN 8474839319 (set). 4250 ptas (v. 1-2).

    Important catalog of Golden Age poetical mss. in the BN, giving contents, and bibliographical and publishing information for each entry. Each vol. includes a bibliography of sources and an index of attributions. A first-line index is promised for the final (6th) vol. [JKL]

  • Blasius, Dirk. "Einfache Seelenstörung": Geschichte der deutschen Psychiatrie 1800-1945. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1994. 250 p. 3-596-11738-0. 19.90DM.

    The history of German psychiatry, with a general bibliography. [MPO]

  • Busto Cortina, Juan. Catálogo índice de romances asturianos. [Oviedo]: Servicio de Publicaciones, Principado de Asturias, [1992] 391 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8478470778; LCCN 93158323. $20.00.

    Preceded by a substantial introduction, this classed catalog of Asturian romances shows sources and editions of each version. Includes indices of titles, themes, sources, and first lines, followed by a 20-page bibliography. [JKL]

  • Carstensen, Broder, and Ulrich Busse. Anglizismen-Wörterbuch: der Einfluss des Englischen auf den deutschen Wortschatz nach 1945. Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1993-. 25 cm. ISBN 3110128543; LCCN 94132915//r942. $140 per vol.

    A thorough dictionary of Anglicisms in German.Vol. 1 (A-E) has appeared. Offers different variations, definition, usage, first appearance in a German dictionary, English original, synonyms, and many citations in which the use of the word is illustrated. A non-hysterical, non-French approach to a linguistic reality. Includes an important bibliography (90 pages) on the topic. Examples: abgefuckt (abgefackt): "du bist ein richtiger kaputter Kruppel, ein abgefacktes Arschloch bist du"; ausflippen; denktank; electronic cash. As they say in German: "cool". [KDB]

  • Catalogo dei giornali. Ed. Alberta Pannain Bertone. Roma: Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, Libreria dello Stato, 1992. 323 p.; 24 cm. (Collana bibliografica; 1) ISBN 8824004601; LCCN 94135481. L50,000.

    A catalog of the ca. 2000 newspapers held by the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome. Includes geographical and chronological indices. [JKL]

  • Cela, Camilo Jose. Enciclopedia del erotismo. Madrid: Grupo Libro 88, 1994. 5 vols. col. ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 847906045X. 16,620 ptas.

    A re-edition of the author's monumental, fairly serious survey of sexuality. No changes found in aparato genital femenino, but includes some minor updating from previous editions, e. g., on recent developments in Spanish abortion law. Omits the 65-page bibliography from the 1982-86 Destino edition of Cela's Obra completa. Includes color plates--mostly movie stills--of varying degrees of hard-coreness. [JKL]

  • Cepeda Fuentes, Marina, and Cattabiani, Stefano. I nomi degli Italiani: [...] l'origine e del significato dei nomi: i personaggi storici, le opere musicali, artistiche e letterarie che hanno influito sulla loro diffusione. Roma: Newton Compton, 1992. 444 p.; ill. 22 cm. (Quest'Italia; 189) LCCN 94166997. L35,000.

    A popular treatment of the history of Italian forenames, each one receiving a notice of almost a page. Without scholarly apparatus or index. (Cf. La Stella, infra.) [JKL]

  • Chiti, Roberto, [et al]. Dizionario del cinema italiano. I film. Roma: Gremese, 1991-<1993 > v. <1-3 >: ill.; 25 cm. (Dizionari Gremese) Contents: Vol. 1. Dal 1930 al 1944 -- v. 2 (co-authored by R. Poppi). Dal 1945 al 1959 -- v.3 (by R. Poppi and M. Pecorari). Dal 1960 al 1969 ISBN 8876055967 (v. 1), 8876055932 (v. 3); LCCN 93168172. L260,000 for 3 vols.

    A catalog of Italian films after 1930, offering for each film the cast and credits, synopsis, sampling of the critical reception, and bibliography; vol. 3 includes discographies. Includes indices of unfinished films, title variants, chronology, journalists, and directors. The catalog of films up to 1990 is to be complete in 5 vols. and is complemented in the series by Poppi's 1993 Dizionario del cinema italiano. I registi: dal 1930 ai giorni nostri (not seen). [JKL]

  • Cilveti, Ángel L., and Arellano, Ignacio. Bibliografía crítica para el estudio del auto sacramental con especial atención a Calderón. Pamplona: Universidad de Navarra; Kassel: Edition Reichenberger, 1994. 473 p.; 24 cm. (Autos sacramentales completos de Calderón. Edición crítica; 3) (Teatro del Siglo de Oro. Bibliografías y catálogos; 13) ISBN 3928064967.

    A selective annotated bibliography of modern studies on the auto sacramental covering at least through 1991. Arranged by main entry, includes indices of titles studied, persons, places, and subjects. [JKL]

  • The Conscience in Revolt: Portraits of the German Resistance 1933-1945. Ed. Annedore Leber et al. Mainz: v. Hase & Koehler, 1994. xiii + 458 p. 3-7758-1314-4. 100DM.

    Illustrated biographies of members of the German Resistance. [MPO]

    p. 7

  • Cupaiuolo, Fabio. Bibliografia della lingua latina (1949-1991). Napoli: Loffredo, 1993. 592 p.; 21 cm. LCCN 94145094. L48,000.

    An extensive compilation of books and articles on the history and categories of the Latin language. Continues and keeps the same arrangement as Cousin's 1951 Bibliographie de la langue latine 1880-1948 (Sheehy BC133; Walford5 3/#5852--still in print at 120FF). Includes materials written in most western European languages as well as eastern European works in non-Cyrillic scripts. Some citations contain a one-line summary. Uses the same abbreviated journal titles as L'Année philologique. Recommended. [AJO]

  • Development of Mathematics 1900-1950. Ed. Jean-Paul Pier. Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag, 1994. xviii + 729 p. 3-7643-2821-5. 118DM.

    Various contributors on specific aspects of mathematics. Also interesting for its list of journals and general bibliography. [MPO]

  • Diccionario de traductores. Ed. Esther Benítez. Madrid: Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez/Piramide, 1992. 284p.; 26 cm. (Biblioteca del libro; 50) ISBN 8486168740. $14.29.

    An international directory of about 600 translators who have published at least 3 books into or out of Castilian, Catalan, Gallegan or Basque. Each entry includes a bibliography and lists of subject specialties, memberships, and prizes. Includes an index by language (both target and source), as well as appendices listing translation associations, institutions, and prizes. [JKL]

  • Diccionario de voces de uso actual. Ed. Manuel Alvar Ezquerra. Madrid: Arco/Libros, 1994. 632 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8476351585. 5730 ptas.

    A lexicon of current neologisms, viz., of words not in the 21st edition (1992) of the Real Academia's Diccionario de la lengua española (annotated in our Fall 1993 issue). Includes quotations of actual usage, usually from the daily press, with references. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire Bordas de littérature française. Ed. Henri Lemaître. Paris: Bordas, c1994. xi, 914 p. (Les Référents) ISBN 204019682. 149FF.

    Dictionary of French authors, anonymous works and selected topics. Indices of works cited and of thematic articles. Expanded updated revision of 1981 and 1986 editions (Walford5 3/#7969). Contains no secondary bibliographies. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire de l'Académie française. 9. éd. Paris: Imprimerie nationale, c1992-. 31 cm. ISBN 2110812494 (t. 1: A-Enz, 834 p.). $85.54.

    Publication in bound volumes of the 9th ed. which started appearing in 1986 (Balay AD90; Walford5 3/#5718), but not just a simple reprint. Added material includes an "Avertissement 1992," brief etymologies, new official spellings (with cross references to a 6-page appendix citing the Conseil supérieur de la langue française), and a few entries, e. g., "élargi." However, still not a serious scholarly enterprise. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire des grandes oeuvres de la littérature française. Ed. Henri Mitterand. Paris: Dictionnaires Le Robert, c1992. 706 p.; 24 cm. (Les Usuels du Robert) ISBN 2850361968. $40.98.

    This desk dictionary offers a summary of and a critical commentary on 1228 canonical literary works in French by 608 authors, each article followed by a brief bibliography of editions and studies. Emphasis is given to the 19th and 20th centuries. Includes cross references, a chronology of works studied, and indices of authors and titles, including those not analyzed. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire des littératures suisses: publié à l'occasion du 700e anniversaire de la Confédération helvétique. Ed. Pierre-Olivier Walzer. Lausanne: Editions de l'Aire, 1991. 527 p.: ill.; 20 cm. ISBN 2881080774; LCCN 92246711. $24.59.

    French version of a dictionary covering about 250 figures and about 30 topics in the history of Swiss literature, with emphasis on the contemporary period. References embedded in the text; 2-page general bibliography; also includes an index. A trilingual version was published by Lenos, and an Italian version was published by Armando Dadò. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire des termes officiels. [Délégation générale à la langue française]. [9e éd.] Paris: La Délégation, [Service de terminologie]: Direction des journaux officiels, Janvier 1994. v, 462 p.; 24 cm. ISSN 0767-4538 "No 1468"--Cover p. [4]; ISBN 211073499X. 180.00FF

    The official word on how to speak <<comme il faut>>. A 218-page glossary of terms receiving official approbation and promotion, with the supporting legislative and regulatory texts. Sandwiched in the middle is a 75-page index of "termes étrangers ou termes impropres à éviter ou à remplacer." Kept up-to-date by supplements and on the Minitel. The 7th edition was annotated in the our Spring 1993 issue. [JKL]

  • Directorio ibérico de librerías de antiguo y ocasión: incluidos países Americanos de habla Española y Portuguesa. [Madrid]: Editorial Amuravi, 1992. 277 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN 8485310098. 1950 ptas.

    A geographically arranged directory of antiquarian dealers in Iberic-speaking countries, with a few others with relevant specialties included from other countries. Prefatory material includes addresses of antiquarian associations and periodicals, an introduction to bibliophilia, and a 55-page bibliography. Includes indices of bookstores and subject specialties. [JKL]

  • Estreias em Portugal, 1918-1957: Filmes de Longa Metragem. Ed. Luis de Pina. [Lisbon]: Cinemateca Portuguesa, 1993. $50.00.

    A catalog of feature films released in Portugal arranged by year of release. Each brief entry contains the Portuguese title, the original title, the country of origin, year of production, director, principal actors, distributor, and theater and date of first release. Includes indices of original and Portuguese titles. Coverage of the preceding period is projected to be published by 1995; the succeeding period is covered by the Boletim cinematográfico of the Secretariado do Cinema e da Radio. [JKL]

  • Fourié, Jean. Dictionnaire des auteurs de langue d'Oc: (de 1800 à nos jours). Paris: Amis de la Langue d'Oc, c1994. 346 p. (Collection des Amis de la langue d'Oc) ISBN 2900062055. 175FF.

    Brief bio-bibliographies of authors from the region having published monographically in or on Occitan literature in the last two centuries. An appendix lists the authors by their "département d'origine." [JKL]

  • Fundaciones culturales privadas: Registro y Protectorado del Ministerio de Cultura, Registros y Protectorados de las Comunidades Autónomas. Madrid: Ministerio de Cultura, Secretaría General Técnica, Subdirección General de Estudios, Documentación y Publicaciones, Servicio de

    p. 8

    Coordinación y Tramitación Editorial, 1993. 941 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8474839440. 1110 ptas.

    A directory of 785 private cultural foundations registered with the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the principal autonomous regions, indicating each one's mission and activities. Arranged geographically, includes an alphabetical index and a chronological list in order of registration. [JKL]

  • Gaillard, Roger. AUDACE: annuaire à l'usage des auteurs cherchant un éditeur. 4e ed. Vitry: CALCRE, 1994. 496 p.; 29 cm. ISBN 2906018058. 294 FF.

    Expanded and revised update of an invaluable evaluative directory of 829 French publishers, focusing on vanity press. Previous edition annotated in the Fall 1991 Newsletter, and a full review of an earlier edition in our Spring 1988 issue. [JKL]

  • González López, Palmira, and Cánovas Belchi, Joaquín T. Catálogo del cine español; Volumen F2: Películas de ficción (1921-1930). Madrid: Filmoteca Española, Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales, Ministerio de Cultura, 1993. 231 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 8486877121. 2675 ptas.

    Major catalog of fictional films produced all or in part with Spanish resources, offering a complete description of each film and its production elements, including a plot summary and subject descriptors, as well as sources cited. The catalog comports an elaborate array of indices of many of these terms; also includes a bibliography of documentary sources. Other volumes in the series will have different parameters, earlier ones to include documentaries, later ones to include only feature-length films of fiction. [JKL]

  • Guide gai 1994. France, Belgique, Suisse, Québec. Paris: Editions du Triangle rose, 401 p.: ill.; 18 cm. LCCN sn9130528. $14.90.

    Annual directory of places and services of interest to the intended audience, promoting "French sex: hot and safe." Arranged geographically, with each entry indicating the mix of orientations of its clientele. Contains ads with suggestive rather than explicit graphics. Some forematter in English. Updated on the Minitel. Issued as a supplement to Gai pied La Lettre (ISSN 1243-5422), itself a much reduced monthly version of Gai pied hebdo. LC cataloged the 1991 edition as Gai guide. [JKL]

  • Guizard, Claude, and Speth, Jean. Dialectionnaire (alsacien, français et allemand): dreisprachiges Wörterbuch. Mulhouse: Editions du Rhin, [1992]. 968 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 2863390694; LCCN 94125428. 195FF.

    A three-way Alsatian dictionary, the "complément en ordre alphabétique" to Guizard's 1989 Trésor dialectal, corrigenda for which are given on pp. 961-3. [JKL]

  • HISLAMPA: hispanorum index scriptorum latinorum medii posteriorisque aeui=Autores latinos peninsulares da época dos descobrimentos (1350-1560). by M. C. Díaz y Díaz... [et al.]. [Lisboa]: Comissão Nacional para as Comemorações dos Descobrimentos Portugueses: Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, [1993]. 473 p. (Mare liberum) ISBN [9722705830]. $47.50.

    This bibliography of printed and manuscript Latin texts by Iberic Renaissance authors continues for the succeeding period of coverage Diaz y Diaz' 1958 Index scriptorum latinorum medii aeui hispanorum. Indicates locations of texts. Contains an index/concordance of authors' names and an index of sources for each author. Forematter in Portuguese, Spanish and Latin. [JKL]

  • Heinold, Wolfgang Ehrhardt. Bücher und Büchermacher: was man von Verlagen und Verlegern wissen sollte. Heidelberg: Huthig Verlagsgemeinschaft, 1993. 4th ed. 395 p.; 19 cm. (Heidelberger Wegweiser). ISBN 3822615927; ISSN 0931-0959. DM 29.80

    A concise work on the history, organization and operation of the German publishing industry and book trade. Informative chapters on book production and book-related professions such as writer, translator and librarian. Useful listings of educational institutions for such careers, addresses of publishers' associations and other organizations in the field. [XL]

  • Hoof, Henri van. Dictionnaire universel des traducteurs. Genève: Slatkine, 1993. xiv, 414 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 2051012105. $192.65.

    An avowedly incomplete historical bio-bibliographical dictionary of translators that inevitably emphasizes Western Europe. Includes a selective 5-page bibliography, but no indices. [JKL]

  • Hopster, Norbert, and Petra Josting. Literaturlenkung im "Dritten Reich": eine Bibliographie. Hildesheim; New York: G. Olms, 1993-. 24 cm. ISBN 3487096862; LCCN 93222833. $85 for vol. 1.

    Most thorough and excellent bibliography on National-Socialist literature, literary life and institutions. Will consist of 2 volumes (volume 2 is announced to contain an annotated bibliography of bibliographies, catalogs, etc.). Vol. 1 offers both primary (1933-1945) and secondary (1945-) literature on NS literary institutions (e.g., Reichsschrifttumskammer); periodicals; literary criticism (including reception of foreign authors); literary politics; "Ideologisierung" of literature; literary history; and "Literaturwissenschaft". [KDB]

  • Hoven, René. Lexique de la prose latine de la Renaissance. Leiden; New York: E. J. Brill, 1994. xxxii, 427 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9004096566 (cloth); LCCN 9318610. $136.34.

    Intended as a supplement for Renaissance prose usage to F. Gaffiot's often reprinted Dictionnaire latin-français (Walford4 3/p275), this lexicon contains 8550 entries comporting alternate spellings, meanings, references, etymologies, as well as prescriptive commentaries from the period. In appendix, lists words of non-Latin origin, diminutives, and words classed according to their suffixes or endings. [JKL]

  • Kreuzer, Anton. Kärntner Porträts: 100 Lebensbilder aus 12 Jahrhunderten. Klagenfurt: Universitätsverlag Carinthia, 1993. 232 p. 3-85378-407-0. 78DM.

    An encyclopedia of personalities from the Austrian province of Carinthia. [MPO]

  • La Stella T., Enzo. Santi e fanti: dizionario dei nomi di persona. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1993. xix, 385 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8808140806; LCCN 94114135. L. 48,000.

    A dictionary of 8000 forenames, with origins and meanings, and selected references to historical bearers of same. The preface contains a "Tentativo di classificazione dei nomi propri," a discussion of different forms of names, and a brief bibliography of sources, followed by a "Tavola sinottica dei principali elementi etimologici." (Cf. Cepeda Fuentes, supra.) [JKL]

  • Leeflang, Marco. Quick reference guide to the Casanoviana Bibliography (+/-3400 titles). 5th ed. Utrecht: M. Leeflang, 1994. 93 f.; 30 cm. $23.00.

    An author-subject index to Childs' Casanoviana (1956), Casanova Gleanings (1958-1980), and L'Intermédiaire des Casanovistes (1984-). Apparently produced upon demand. [JKL]

    p. 9

  • Levi, Anthony. Guide to French literature: beginnings to 1789. Detroit: St. James Press, c1994. xlvi, 1111 p.: map; 29 cm. ISBN 1558621598; LCCN 92165633. $96.

    Pre-revolution companion volume to Guide to French Literature: 1789 to the present (annotated in our Fall 1992 issue). Retains the same structure and intellectual premise as the previous volume. Entries are more uniformly the same in length (in this case fairly long: 9-14 pages) compared to the quite varied length of essays in the 1992 volume. Perhaps an indication of the traditional canon at work to which Levy adds no surprise entries (as to be expected nothing on e.g., Olympe de Gouges, Théroigne de Méricourt, or Lucie Delarue-Mardrus, just to stay within the revolutionary period). Besides the expected authors, entries on Cartesianism, commedia dell'arte, Préciosité, etc.. Entries on a few journals: e. g., La Gazette de France, Le Journal des Savants, Le Mercure. Well written, thorough and of great use to our undergraduate constituency. [KDB]

  • Martino, Alberto. Die italienische Literatur im deutschen Sprachraum: Ergänzungen und Berichtungen zu Frank-Rutger Hausmanns Bibliographie. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1994. ix + 525 p. (Chloe: Beihefte zum Daphnis; 17) 90-5183-644-9. Ca. $112.

    A critical bibliography of secondary literature on Italian literature published in the German-language realm. Hausmann's bibliography was annotated in our Fall 1993 issue. [MPO]

  • Miracle, Josep. Diccionari nacional de la llengua catalana. Barcelona: El Llamp, 1993. xv, 820 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 8477810893; LCCN 93173485. 7940 ptas.

    A normative Catalan dictionary, with no etymologies, historical quotations, or bibliographical references. [JKL]

  • Repertorio de estudios franceses en la Universidad Española. Ed. Julián Muela [et al.] [Zaragoza]: A.P.F.F.U.E., [1993?]. 269 p. 24 cm. ISBN 8460496619. 2355 ptas.

    A classed unannotated bibliography of 2792 scholarly books, periodical articles and essays by members of the Asociación de Profesores de Filología Francesa de la Universidad Española. Revises and updates Caridad and Lafarga's 1987 Repertorio de estudios franceses y provenzales en España. Includes an index of authors, showing professional affiliation. The table of contents is on an inserted card. [JKL]

  • Roggerone, Giuseppe Agostino, and Vergine, Pia I. Bibliografia degli studi su Rousseau (1941-1990). Lecce: Milella, c1992. 1385 p.; 24 cm. (Pubblicazioni del Dipartimento di filosofia. Sezione testi; 1) ISBN 8870482243; LCCN 93192257. L170,000.

    This selective classified annotated bibliography of books, articles, etc. on Rousseau continues A. Schinz's 1941 État présent des travaux sur J.-J. Rousseau. In addition to an index of names, there is an "Appendice: bibliografia generale delle opere di G.G. Rousseau (1950-1990)." [JKL]

  • Schmidt, Heiner. Quellenlexikon zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte = Bibliography of studies on German literary history: Personal- und Einzelwerkbibliographien der internationalen Sekundärliteratur 1945-1990 zur deutschen Literatur von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Bibliographische Mitarbeit von Günter Albrecht... [et al.]. 3., überarbeitete, wesentlich erw. und auf den neuesten Stand gebracht Aufl. Duisburg: Verlag für Pädagogische Dokumentation, 1994-. 25 cm. Contents: Bd. 1. A-Bau. ISBN 3930551012. $130.

    This bibliography of bibliographies is really the 3rd ed. of Schmidt's Quellenlexikon der Interpretationen und Textanalysen (1984-; 12 vols.). Very handy for larger research libraries since it will serve as an index to many bibliographical tools already in place, such as Deutsches Literatur Lexikon (Kosh), Deutscher Biographischer Index (Gorzny), but also many bibliographies in articles, books and dissertations. [KDB]

  • Spear, Frederick A. Bibliographie analytique des écrits relatifs à Voltaire, 1966-1990. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 1992. xxix, 493 p. ISBN 0729404439; LCCN GB9333527. $77.50.

    This classified annotated bibliography of books, articles, unpublished theses, etc., on Voltaire (including major editions and translations, as well as reviews of volumes of Studies on Voltaire...) continues Barr and Spear's 1968 Quarante années d'études voltairiennes (Walford4 3/p662). Includes indices of names and topics. [JKL]

  • Tecken i tiden: Om nordiska kulturtidsskrifter. Ed. Inga-Britt Blindh et al. Stockholm: Statens kulturråd, 1994. 128 p. ill. ISBN 91-85602-87-6. 250SWK.

    Various contributions (in Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian) on contemporary Scandinavian cultural magazines. [MPO]

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    A popular dictionary of erotic words in Castilian, offering brief etymologies and occasional quotations with abbreviated source references. No scholarly apparatus. Another title in the series: Mercedes Abad's 1991 survey of the topography of lovemaking, Sólo dime dónde lo hacemos. [JKL]

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    In an annual series starting in 1988, offering posters and technical fiches for over 80 feature films released in Spain in 1993, with one-page signed critiques by 11 different hands. In appendix: the authors' picks and pans, a list of major international prizes, and technical fiches for almost 150 films not receiving critical coverage. Similar treatment of televised films in Todas las peliculas de television de 1993. ISBN 8485741870. 3200 ptas. [JKL]

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    A popular dictionary of Spanish film, consisting of 627 entries--310 for important films (with brief credits) and 327 for their creators. Includes indices of names and film titles. [JKL]

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    Biographies of Austrians who worked in Hollywood. [MPO]

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    In a handsome series of annual literary symposia in Oviedo; contains the conference proceedings, an anthology, and

    p. 10

    14 pages of bio-bibliographies. Accompanied by a cassette of the poets reading their work. [JKL]

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    A survey of detective fiction in Castilian and Catalan, with about a fourth of the text devoted to recent decades. Includes indices of names and of recurring characters, but no bibliography, references being in the text. [JKL]

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    Technical encyclopedia of the book. With BW illustrations and a bibliography. [MPO]

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    A year-by-year bibliography of German-language works on Plato's Republic. Includes useful appendices. [MPO]

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