WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall, 1994)
New Haven, Connecticut
Page 12

Executive Committee Meeting
28 June 1994, Miami Beach, Florida

New WESS elected officers are listed on p. 14. Marje Schuetze-Coburn is the Newsletter Editor-Designate.

  • Chicago Conference Planning Committee (Jeffry Larson): The program will cover "Electronic Resources for Western European Studies." Three and possibly four speakers have been tentatively lined up: two faculty members, a text database manager, and a well-known member of WESS.

    p. 13

  • Research and Planning Committee (Jim Spohrer): ARL is planning a pilot program which would address the shortfall in cooperative collection development in U.S. libraries in German social sciences, as pointed out by its German Political Science Report. ARL has offered technical assistance for the project and has asked that WESS form an ad hoc working group to design the cooperative project [see article.].

  • Publications (Eva Sartori): 1) The new updated WESS Member Directory is available from Heleni Pedersoli [order coupon on p. 15]. 2) Officers' Manual: Ed Shreeves will continue updating the Manual. 3) Brochure: Gretchen Holten will oversee the printing of additional copies.

  • Newsletter (Jeffry Larson): [See announcement.] ACRL plans to load section newsletters on the ALA Gopher but continue producing printed versions.

  • Newsletter Subcommittee (Michael Olson): The Subcommittee and Publications committee meetings will be combined, at least on a trial basis, in view of duplication of information at both sessions. Should the Subcommittee ultimately be abolished and perhaps replaced by an editorial board, a change in the WESS Officers' Manual will be necessary.

  • WESS Gopher (Jim Spohrer): According to Jim Campbell, a WESS Gopher account has been established at the University of Virginia. Its location at UVa will be Area Studies--Europe--Western Europe--WESS. A mirror site may be established at USC, with the condition that UVa provide programming assistance for updates. A Gopher editorial board should be named after an experimental period.

  • Nijhoff Award Committee (Jim Spohrer): [See announcement .] Spohrer will chair the next Nijhoff Award committee.

  • College and Medium-sized Libraries (Gretchen Holten): Holten had questioned the purpose and utility of this discussion group because only two people attended the 1994 Midwinter meeting. At the Miami meeting, however, eight members attended and voiced their support to continue the group and complete its planned projects: a listing of important books in European Studies in Choice and a listing of important Western European periodicals for smaller libraries. The group plans to reach out to bibliographers whose responsibilities are not limited to, Western European studies. There was also a suggestion that the Chair and Vice Chair of WESS actively recruit members from smaller libraries for service on committees. A new Manual section regarding recruitment for committees will be drafted.

  • [See Nominating Committee report.]

  • Old Business: (Tom Kilton): Kilton will thank Norman Ross for his delightful "SEES Meets WESS" party. Ross had expressed interest in doing the same thing in Chicago.

  • Membership (J. Spohrer): WESS added 43 new members this year and lost 32, for a net gain of 11. Spohrer has written welcome letters to all new members, and suggested that discussion group leaders not only publicly welcome guests at their meetings, but also collect the sign-up sheets that circulate at their sessions and target the guests for membership.

  • Miami Program (Tom Kilton): Despite the high quality of the program, attendance was very low, presumably because of the site across the causeway in Miami requiring multiple shuttle buses to reach, and perhaps due to the early starting time. The program was three hours long. For Chicago (1995), Kilton will suggest a 9 AM start time and a two-hour program with three speakers. Kilton will also write a letter of complaint about the Miami site to the ALA/ACRL leadership. The Executive Committee thanked Frank Di Trolio and all members of the 1994 Miami Conference Planning Committee for their dedication and hard work on this excellent program.

  • New Business (Jim Spohrer): 1) Spohrer will rewrite the Officers' Manual section on "Obligations of the Grantee" under Nijhoff Award in stronger terms; winners will be encouraged to submit their documentation in a timely manner, adhere to the guidelines, and send a letter of thanks to the Nijhoff Company. 2) A possible preconference to the 1997 ALA Conference in San Francisco will be on the Executive Committee agenda for Midwinter 1995. 3) The possibility of discussing "the coming crisis in Western European approval plans" at a future General Membership Meeting was presented. 4) The compression of discussion group and committee meetings at the Miami Conference was discussed and considered successful.

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