WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall, 1994)
New Haven, Connecticut
Page 13

Midwinter Discussion Groups

Addresses for discussion group chairs

  • The topic of the General Membership Meeting will be announced on WESSList (see p. 3).

    --Sem Sutter (ICU), Member-at-Large

  • The topic of the Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Discussion Group will be announced on CMR (see p. 3).

    --Barbara Halporn (MH), Chair

  • College & Medium-Sized Libraries

    In Philadelphia we will look at newspapers and magazines in European languages which any library should own.

    --Tom Izbicki (MdBJ), Chair

  • Germanists

    "Doing more with less." Guest speakers Heidi Hutchinson (CU-Riv), Marje Schuetze-Coburn (CLSU) and Kati Radics (CLU) will report on (1) what German duties they do, (2) where German duties fit in their overall duties, (3) recent added responsibilities, (4) how they have coped (what ideas have they come up with, which responsibilities are essential and which do they now de-emphasize). Plus announcements, reports.

    -Michael P. Olson (MH), Chair

  • Romance:

    1) Speaker from Library of Congress (tentative). 2) "No-host" discussion of remote access to European library catalogs (bring your experiences to share). 3) Discussion of future topics.

    --Lawrence Crumb (OrU)

  • Scandinavian (report from Annual meeting)

    At the June meeting in Miami an "election" was held. Merry Schellinger (MnU) will continue as chair for 1994-95. Patrick Stevens, curator of the Fiske Collection (NIC) is the new Secretary/Chair-Elect for 1995-96.

    The Survey of Scandinavian Collection Development has been sent out, and several have been returned. Completed surveys should be made available electronically for all to see (on SASSLINK and/or COLL-LISTSERV). Librarians in Amsterdam have expressed interest in our survey process, as they are preparing a similar project. For the next annual meeting, we will continue to think about ways to use the data from the returned surveys. One suggestion was to create a "clearinghouse" with the data, which could be used to set up formal and informal collection development agreements.

    More complete minutes will be available on DISC-NORDIC and DISC-NORDLIB.

    --Merry Schellinger (MnU), Chair

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