WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section

Statement on the Publication of Annual WESS Conference Proceedings - January, 1991


The WESS Publications Committee has agreed that it will not adopt a policy of publishing annual WESS conference papers.


The WESS Publications Committee Chair will continue to encourage ACRL to institute an annual publication of conference proceedings drawn in whole or in part from its various sections. If ACRL is not interested in publishing the WESS papers along with papers of its other sections, the Publications Committee Chair will encourage program speakers to locate alternative avenues of publication. In the event that there are several exceptional programs in a row, WESS may wish to explore the option of publishing selected proceedings in a cumulation, such as the proceedings of the San Francisco, New Orleans, and Dallas conferences, which were published as WESS Occasional Papers, No. 3.

The WESS Publications Committee Chair will notify the WESS Conference Planning Committee Chair about the policy on publication of conference proceedings and encourage the Conference Planning Committee Chair to communicate this policy early on to persons delivering papers at the conference.

If the Chairs of the WESS Publications Committee and the WESS Conference Planning Committee agree that papers from a given conference should be published outside of ACRL/ALA, the following steps should be taken:

Contact the ACRL Program Officer and confirm with him or her that ACRL would not wish to publish the papers or that they are for some reason not appropriate for publication by ACRL. If the ACRL Program Officer feels that the ACRL Publications Committee's New Publications Advisory Board needs to be contacted regarding the publication of the papers, the ACRL Program Officer will make this known.

Before any contracts with publishers are negotiated, contact the Executive Director of ACRL for his or her approval.

If assistance in negotiating a contract with an outside publisher is needed, the ACRL staff, in particular the ACRL Program Officer, will offer assistance.

For further information, see chapter 11, "Publication," of the ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures, particularly the section, "Submission to Outside Publishers (by ACRL Units)."

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