WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section

WESS Newsletter Editor:
Qualifications, Function, Procedures

Function of the editor(s)

The editor identifies, seeks, acquires, and reviews potential newsletter articles, columns, and news items; sets editorial policy; copy edits and prepares text for print; and produces camera-ready copy twice a year (fall and spring) for submission by deadline to ACRL. The editor also maintains and supplies to ACRL a list of non-WESS members and associations which receive the newsletter. In addition, the editor submits the newsletter budget to the WESS Executive Committee for approval; attends WESS Executive Committee meetings at the midwinter and annual conferences; and serves ex officio on the Publications Committee.

Qualifications of the editor(s)

The editor must be a member of WESS. He/she must have the support (technology, time, such assistance as may be necessary) to submit camera-ready copy to ACRL in accordance with the stated deadlines. Experience in WESS and wide-ranging contacts in the library community relating to western European studies are desirable.

Selection of the editor(s)

The upcoming vacancy is announced in the WESS Newsletter. Applicants should send the WESS Chair an application with resume, a writing sample, a description of available hardware, software and local support (staff, time), and a statement of interest. The WESS Chair makes the selection in consultation with the Chair of the Publications Committee as well as with the Executive Committee. The editor may designate assistants without a formal selection process. In the event of a mid-term vacancy, the WESS Chair, in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Publications Committee will make an interim appointment for no longer than the remainder of the term.

Length of term

The editor(s) shall serve a three year appointment which may be renewed once at the discretion of the WESS Chair, in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Publications Committee.

Transition from one editor to another

The incoming editor is designated the year before he/she takes over and works with the editor during that year.

Function of the Publications Committee

The Publications Committee serves as an advisory body to the newsletter editor. The Committee advises the editor on editorial direction, assists him/her in fulfilling his/her duties, as needed, by soliciting or contributing columns, articles, or news items, and reviews the newsletter on an ongoing basis. The Committee advises the Executive Committee on policies and procedures relating to the Newsletter and its editor(s).

Role of the Newsletter editor on the Executive Committee/Publications Committee

The editor needs to attend the meetings of the Executive Committee to present the budgetary requirements of the Newsletter, and to effectively communicate developments in the Section in the Newsletter. The editor should also attend ACRL committee meetings relevant to newsletters and their budgets.

As ex officio member of the Publications Committee, the editor provides information relevant to the Committee's business.

Role of the Newsletter editor in ACRL

The editor will follow the ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures, "Section Newsletter Policy," noting particularly the provisions requiring a written report to the ACRL Publications Committee at annual conference.

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