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Relationship of WESS to ACRL


  1. Activity Sections Council
  2. Budget and Finance
  3. Preparing Section Budgets
  4. Committee Procedures
  5. Conference Arrangements
  6. ACRL Publications of Interest to WESS Officers and Chairs

The Association of College and Research Libraries is a division of the American Library Association (ALA). Within ACRL there are fourteen sections. Eleven sections are designated "type of activity" sections and three are based on type of library. The starred (*) sections listed below are those classified by type of library.

For the names and telephone numbers of the officers of the Association, see the most current ALA HANDBOOK OF ORGANIZATION.

Activity Sections Council

[For communications purposes, the Chair and Vice-Chair of WESS regularly attend the ACRL Activity Sections Council, whose purpose and function are described below.]

Statement of Functions and Organization The Activity Sections council met February 3, 1981, and June 29, 1981, and discussed the organization and function of the Council. The following document summarizes the discussion. The Council has requested that the ACRL Board take the necessary steps to activate the recommendations which they have done.

I. Name

A. The name of the Council should be the Activity Sections Council (ASC - pronounced like ask).

II. Functions of the Activity Sections Council:

A. The Council should not be a legislative body but rather a vehicle for communication. Section business should not be filtered through the Council before consideration by the Board.
B. ASC should be a forum for the sharing of information about programming and projects among the section chairs and vice-chairs. This would not be a "clearance center" for programs, merely an information exchange. Secretaries of each section will submit a one-page report on the conference programming, projects, preconferences, and other activities of the section to the ACRL office by September 1, following the Summer meeting. Mail these reports to all ASC members.
C. ASC should take an active role in promoting activity oriented sections in the life of ACRL.
D. ASC should serve as a sounding board on issues for which the ACRL Board wants immediate feedback (between the two ACRL Board meetings at each conference).
E. ASC should discuss issues of common interest that are before the ACRL Board or should be brought before the Board.

III. Organization

A. The Activity Sections Council is composed of the chairs and vice-chairs of the type of activity sections.
B. The ASC representative to the ACRL Board is an ex-officio member of the ASC and can take items of general concern to the ACRL Board.
C. The Chair and Secretary of ASC are elected by the group at its meeting during annual conference, the choice to be made from among the incoming section chairs.
D. The Chair of the ASC appoints a nominating committee to put forth two people who are ACRL members to run for the position of Activity Sections representative on the ACRL Board.
E. ASC should be scheduled between the two ACRL Board meetings and at a time when no ACRL section activities or meetings are scheduled.
F. ASC should keep minutes.
G. The ASC agenda would usually have the following:
Midwinter Annual Adopted by the Council June 29, 1981

Budget and Finance

Each ACRL section must prepare a budget with justification and submit that request to the ACRL Budget and Finance Committee. Submitting the budget to the ACRL office is a task of the newly-elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect each year. The budget schedule is as follows:

September 1 - August 31 - ACRL/ALA fiscal year


Requests for special allocations for programs planned for the next ALA Annual Conference must be submitted to the ALA Deputy Executive Director.

September - October

Instruction for submitting budget requests for the next fiscal year are sent to ACRL committee, section and chapter chairs.

December 1

All budget requests from committees, sections and chapters are due.

Annual Conference

ACRL budget for the next fiscal year is sent to the ACRL Board for approval.

August 1

ACRL units are notified of the ACRL Board's actions on the unit's budget for the fiscal year beginning

August 15

Deadline for submitting requests for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the past fiscal year.

Source: ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures, June 1988, p.26.

Preparing Section Budgets

WESS's budget needs should be discussed during the course of the annual meeting so that our final request can be submitted by December 1. In completing the budget request form:

1. Be sure to provide clear and concise descriptions of the activities which request budget support. Describe what you will do, how you will go about doing it, why it needs to be done, and give time lines for completing segments of the project, if appropriate. Attach an additional sheet if necessary.
2. Travel funds for committee meetings at times other than the midwinter meeting and the annual conference must be included in the budget request. No funds will be provided for travel to ALA conferences.
3. ACRL funds are not available for any librarian or member speaker's expenses at ALA meetings. Requests for special program expenses (e.g. non-librarian speaker) are solicited separately at a later point in the year as they do not come from the ACRL budget. ACRL funds are intended to support division activities since they are derived from membership dues. ALA conference functions are supported by registrations and exhibitor fees and are therefore the source of funds for conference programs.
4. The ACRL divisional budget will include separate funding for the dissemination of information and materials such as standards, guidelines, etc.

Expense Reimbursements

Committee Procedures

To serve on any committee within the Association of College and Research Libraries:
You must be a member of the Association. It is American Library Association policy that no member of ALA may serve simultaneously on more than three committees, including division and section committees, unless membership is ex-officio. It is also ALA policy that committee members are to attend the meetings of the committee at both the Midwinter and Annual conferences of the Association. Neither ALA nor ACRL provides funds for committee members to attend these meetings.
If you have accepted an appointment on a WESS Section Committee:
You should receive an ACRL Appointment Acceptance Form from your committee chair or the WESS Vice-Chair. Complete the form and send it to the ACRL Executive Director. Send a copy of the completed form to the WESS Vice-Chair to confirm your acceptance.
If you have accepted a nomination for a WESS Section office:
You should receive an ACRL Biographical Information form (example on page 15 ) from the chair of the Nominating Committee. Complete the form and send it to the ACRL Executive Director. Send a copy to the chair of the Nominating Committee to confirm your acceptance of the nomination.
If you are serving as chair of a WESS Section committee:
You should prepare a summary of the committee meeting(s) upon completion of the last committee meeting at both the Midwinter and Annual conferences of ALA. You may use an ACRL Meeting Highlights form (example on page 16) for this purpose. Return the form to the ACRL desk in the ALA office area before leaving the conference site, or mail it to the ACRL Executive Director as soon as possible. Be sure to also send a copy of your meeting summary to the WESS Secretary.

Conference Arrangements:

Conference Planning Manager:
Schedules meeting rooms, room arrangements, and meeting times
Conference Editorial and Production Manager:
Produces conference preliminary and final programs

ACRL Publications of Interest to WESS Officers and Chairs

ACRL Fiscal Policy Manual
ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures
Contains the ACRL calendar, important ACRL documents including the constitution, bylaws, strategic plan, and budget/committee appointment/meeting forms.