The Germanists Discussion Group was established in 1988. It aims to provide a discussion and information-sharing forum for librarians with particular interests in the German-speaking nations or in any aspect of German studies. The discussion group has a chair and a secretary/chair-elect; it meets at the Annual and Midwinter ALA Conferences.

German-E is a listserv that grew out of the Germanists Discussion Group but also includes non-WESS members in Germany and the United Kingdom. It features news and discussion for librarians who work with materials from the German speaking countries. To be included, e- mail, stating your name and preferred e-mail address. Post messages to

Special Collections in German Studies in North American Libraries
(a work in progress)

Reference Books
A compilation of old-fashioned reference tools

Minutes (New Orleans 2006)

Program (Chicago 2005)

Minutes (Boston Midwinter 2005)

Minutes (Orlando 2004)

Minutes (San Diego Midwinter 2004)

Minutes (Toronto 2003)

Discussion Group Chairs:
2006-2007: Timothy Shipe (University of Iowa)
Chair Elect: Kizer Walker (Cornell)
2005-2006: Michael Seadle (Michigan State University)
2004-2005: Sam Dunlap (University of California, San Diego)
2003-2004: James Burgett (University of Kentucky)
2002-2003: Helene Baumann (Duke University)
2001-2002: Gail Hueting (University of Illinois)
2000-2001: Kati Radics (UCLA)
1999-2000: Marje Schuetze-Coburn (University of Southern California)
1998-1999: Reinhart Sonnenburg (University of California, San Diego)
1997-1998: Jeff Garrett (Northwestern University)
1996-1997: Heidi Hutchinson (University of California, Riverside)
1995-1996: Sem Sutter (University of Chicago)
1994-1995: Michael Olson (Harvard University)
1993-1994: Stephen Lehmann (University of Pennsylvania)
1992-1993: Barbara Walden (University of Minnesota)
1991-1992: Tom Kilton (University of Illinois)
1990-1991: Richard Hacken (Brigham Young University)
1989-1990: James Campbell (University of Virginia)
1988-1989: James Spohrer (University of California, Berkeley)

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