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Social Sciences & History Discussion Group

     "To provide a discussion and information-sharing forum for librarians with interests in Western European history and the social sciences."

Established in 1997, this discussion group has an annually-elected chair and secretary/chair-elect.

The first meeting of the SSH group was at the mid-winter meeting of ALA in New Orleans on January 11, 1998. WESS members in attendance were: Frances Ott Allen (Univ. of Cincinnati), Gordon Anderson (Univ. of Kansas), Nancy Boerner (Indiana Univ.), Sam Dunlap,  (Univ. of California, San Diego), Heleni Pedersoli (Univ. of Maryland), Susanne Roberts (Yale Univ.), and Deborah Wassertzug (Univ. Michigan).

The 1997-1998 Chair was Sam Dunlap (UC-San Diego)

The 1999-2000 Chair was Ann Snoeyenbos (New York University)

The 2000-2001 Chair was Ceres Birkhead (University of Utah)

The 2001-2002 Chair was David Duncan (Wichita State University)

The 2002-2003 Chair was Rebecca Malek-Wiley (Tulane University)

The 2003-2004 Chair was David Lincove (Ohio State University)

The 2004-2005 Chair was David Duncan (Wichita State University)

The 2005-2006 Chair is Louis Reith (Georgetown University)


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