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Area Studies

European Union DGXVI, the Directorate General for Regional Policy, responsible for Community action to reduce the gaps in socio-economic development between the various regions of the European Union. Includes speeches, official documents, and other activities of DGXVI.

European Union Committee of the Regions,  is the youngest European institution. It was created in 1994, as a 'consultative body' responsible for bringing a local and regional viewpoint on European Union legislation and policy.

Aneki.com: Europe

Center for European Studies (U. Connecticut)

Center for West European Studies (University of Pittsburgh)

IANUS (Indicators system to Assess New Urban Services):  Reports on urban studies.  For links, click here.

Institute of European Studies (UC Berkeley)

Institute for the Study of Europe (Columbia University)

Library of Congress Country Studies

Minority/Endangered Language Links. Includes European minority (or minoritized) languages. From the University of Tokyo Department of Asian and Pacific Linguistics Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies.

MSU Global Access (Michigan State University):  Comprehensive source for global resources.  Click here for Europe.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World (full text of the 13th ed., 1996), includes European languages and 16 European Gypsy languages.

Social Science Archive Search Tool (UC-Santa Barbara):  Mega Portal for area studies including European nations.

University Association for Contemporary European Studies (based in London) Contains information on upcoming conferences and workshops (in Europe), publications of the UACES, and a useful list of links and searchable EU databases.

West European Studies Home Page (maintained by Phil Wilkin at the University of Pittsburgh)

Western European Studies (a selection of websites maintained by the library at UC Berkeley)

World Area Studies Internet Resources (Connecticut State University). 

World Factbook (CIA) Regional Index for Europe

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