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Web Cam Troubleshooting

Can't receive the video feed?

  • Receiving the continuously updating image may require Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.7 or greater, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 or greater.
  • In addition, we have noticed that on some Windows-based computers, Microsoft Internet Explorer is unable to display the video feed. If you encounter this problem, we recommend using another browser (such as Netscape Navigator) to receive the video stream. Macintosh users do not have this limitation.

Keep getting proxy server error messages?

  • Some ISPs use proxy servers that expect a response when accessing remote web servers. When using the user-controlled camera, clicking on the control panel causes the camera to move appropriately, but the web server does not send a response. This may cause some proxy servers to become unhappy, and you may receive error messages. Reload the page if necessary.
  • If you have this problem, ask your network administrator to program your proxy server to not cache requests to the machine zap1.dartmouth.edu.