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Give to the Upper Valley United Way

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By Peter Glenshaw, director of Community Relations and Dartmouth United Way campaign chair

The Dartmouth College campaign for the Upper Valley United Way (UVUW) begins this month, and this time, it’s different.

uw logo

Online giving via eWay? Gone. We’re going back to the paper forms.

A long campaign, with lots of email solicitations? Gone. You will see only a few emails from me, and more opportunities to hear directly from the United Way and the local organizations that it supports.

A simple dollar goal? Gone. We understand the economy remains in a precarious state. We understand that everyone has many worthy causes to choose from. Our goal has changed from simply trying to raise money, to growing the number of people who believe in our cause.

Why? Because a lot of people doing a small thing—like contributing $5 a month—makes a huge difference.

Do the math. Imagine some 4,000 employees giving $5 month every month. The result? Nearly a quarter-of-a-million dollars.

At the same time, some things have not changed.

The Upper Valley United Way was founded on the Dartmouth campus in 1971. It remains Dartmouth’s largest and oldest philanthropic community initiative, with more than $18 million donated by Dartmouth employees. It serves 28 communities in Grafton and Sullivan counties in New Hampshire and Orange and Windsor Counties in Vermont.

This is also the easiest way for Dartmouth employees to give to any charity. Whether you support the United Way or not, this campaign offers payroll deduction as a means to give to any charity, providing a way that is less burdensome than writing checks.

The UVUW also acts like a foundation, funding community nonprofit organizations only after a thorough review of financial and programmatic goals.

Over the coming weeks, look to Dartmouth Daily Updates, Vox, and for updates about this campaign. I hope you will join this effort.

To volunteer, email or call 646-4099.

Last Updated: 9/28/09