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Research Awards

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Dartmouth researchers were awarded $14.6 million during June, including $6.6 million in new and competing awards.
Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Ahmed, Yasmath—Genetics
National Cancer Institute
ARRA: APC Tumor Suppressor in Cell Differentiation and Death
16-Month Award

Baron, John—Medicine
Veterans Administration
Kristin Collins IPA

Bostick, Benjamin—Earth Sciences
Columbia University
Iron and Arsenic Speciation in Arsenic-Impaired Sediments

Brakenridge, G Robert—Geography
World Bank
Rapid Response Remote Sensing of Floods and Landslides for Response and Future Hazard Prediction: East Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean
1-Month Award

Chaboyer, Brian—Physics and Astronomy
National Science Foundation
New Models of M Dwarf Stars
3-Year Award

Cybenko, George,
E. Santos—Thayer School of Engineering

Dept. of Defense, Air Force Research Laboratory
Hybrid Mission Planning
3-Year Award

Fanos, Joanna—Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine
Psychosocial Impact of Pre-Symptomatic Testing for FALS

Garmire, Elsa—Thayer School of Engineering
Clinton Global Initiative University
Freedom From Fake Drugs in West Africa

Halter, Ryan—Thayer School of Engineering
Department of Defense
Incorporating Electrical Property Sensing into a Clinical Biopsy Needle for Enhanced Prostate Cancer Detection
3-Year Award

Hernandez, Arturo—Medicine,
C. Rhodes—Pathology

National Institute of Mental Health
The Role of type 3 Deiodinase in Brain Sexual Differentiation

Leblond, Frederic—Thayer School of Engineering
National Cancer Institute
X-ray/Fluorescence Molecular and Diffuse Optical Tomography of Glioma
5-Year Award

Lowrey, Christopher—Medicine
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Promoter Chromatin Structure in Fetal Globin Silencing

McClung, C Robertson—Dean of Faculty
National Science Foundation
Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Petal Growth in Arabidopsis

McGurk, Susan,
K. Mueser—Psychiatry

Department of Education
Cognitive Remediation, Illness Self-management, and Supported Employment in Severe Mental Illness

Merrens, Matthew,
F. Foster—Psychiatry

Connecticut Dept of Mental Health and Addiction Services
FY08 Connecticut Integrated Dual Diagnosis Training

Morden, Nancy—Center for Evaluative Clinical Studies
Veterans Administration
Morden Rural Health IPA

Norris, Catherine—Psychological and Brain Sciences
Northwestern University
Translating Affective Science to Predict Outcomes of Behavioral Treatment of MDD
9-Month Award

Nowak, Elizabeth—Microbiology and Immunology
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
IL-9 and Mast Cell Regulation of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
3-Year Award

Osterberg, Ulf—Thayer School of Engineering
Sky Research Incorporated
A Complex Approach to UXO Discrimination: Combining Advanced EMI Forward and Statistical Signal Processing Methodologies

Palumbo, Paul—Medicine
Social and Scientific Systems Inc
International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Group

Sempere, Lorenzo—Medicine
National Cancer Institute
Role of microRNAs in Initiation and Progression of Breast Cancer
2-Year Award

Shepherd, Simon—Thayer School of Engineering
National Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: Understanding the Asymmetric Thermospheric Response to Polar Driving
4-Year Award

Shubitidze, Fridon—Thayer School of Engineering
Sky Research Incorporated
Simultaneous Inversion of UXO Parameters and Background Response

Stanton, Bruce—Physiology,
C. Folt—Dean of Faculty,
M. Karagas—Community and Family Medicine

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
ARRA: Toxic Metals in the Northeast: From Biological to Environmental Implications
17-Month Award

Sullivan, Charles—Thayer School of Engineering
C. S. Draper Laboratory, Incorporated
Miniaturized High-Q VHF Power Inductors Using Nanogranular Magnetic Films

Weeks, William—Center for Evaluative Clinical Studies
Medical College of Wisconsin
Evaluating the Impact of Public Reporting on Quality of Care in Wisconsin

Weinstein, James, K. Spratt—Orthopaedics
National Inst. of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease
Low Back Pain: A Multicenter Randomized Trial

Wickner, William—Biochemistry
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Protein Compartmentation

Wishart, Heather—Psychiatry
Department of Defense
Imaging Effects of Neurotrophic Factor Genes on Brain Plasticity and Repair in Multiple Sclerosis
3-Year Award

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.


Last Updated: 1/11/10