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Vox of Dartmouth, the College's newspaper for faculty and staff, ceased publication in February 2010. For current Dartmouth news and events, see:

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Vox, Outside the Box

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Vox design back issues
Vox's design progression from 1983 through 2009.
Publications, like buildings, need renovating periodically, both for aesthetics and to ensure the underlying structure is sound.

Last winter we made the decision to reduce Vox’s print frequency from 18 to 12 issues yearly. Prompted by the need to reduce expenses College-wide, the change also reflects the ever-expanding ways to communicate interactively online and a desire to publish in environmentally sustainable ways.

The redesign of our print edition offers more than an updated look (though that was long overdue!). The new print design is more inviting and easier to navigate. In last year’s reader survey, you told us that you don’t have time to read lengthy articles. This design supports concise stories. For those who wish to dig deeper, we’ll reference additional resources online.

You can also get the latest Dartmouth news at Watch D2U for updates about new issues of Vox online.

The Vox calendar is now a pullout that presents an entire month of events by category. Promote your event here by posting it to the Dartmouth Web Calendar.

What hasn’t changed is Vox’s focus on highlighting the news, events, ideas, and people—particularly faculty and staff—that are integral to the life of the College.

Those are some of our ideas—what are yours? We want to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions:

Sarah Memmi, editor

VOX’s new design is the product of the design savvy and project leadership of graphic designers Jermaine Johnson of the Office of Public Affairs and Jennifer Hopkins of Porterhouse Design. All members of the periodicals team—Bonnie Barber, Diana Forbes, Corinne Arndt Girouard, Kelly Seaman, and Steven J. Smith—also contributed to this project.

Last Updated: 6/29/09