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Reflections on Decades of Dedication

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Nearly 275 employees were honored at Dartmouth's annual Service Awards Banquet on June 22 for achieving the milestones of 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service. (All photos by Zachary Ingbretsen '11)

"I started at Dartmouth Medical School as a senior secretary. They have allowed me to create programs, including the alumni-student Bridge Program, and expand my skills. But what makes it the best are the students. They're gifted, smart, and they bring a lot of great ideas. And I'm there to help them make their dreams come true."
Sue Ann Hennessy, assistant dean of student affairs, Dartmouth Medical School (25 years)

"I was here when they built the Hood museum in 1985. We've done a lot of unusual things. In the early '80s we had to make Spaulding Auditorium smell like garlic for a film. We put garlic bags in front of the steam coils. They gave me the call, and I gave them a shot of steam to send the smell through the auditorium. Requests like that keep things interesting."
Walt Hazelton, equipment maintenance shop, FO&M (35 years)

"I've really enjoyed working with our team and having personal interaction with the alumni. One alumnus from the Class of 1947 calls me personally every year to make his gift. He also made sure that I got him his 60-year bowl. They know that when they call we'll take care of whatever they need."
Pam Lyman, office manager/administrative assistant, Dartmouth College Fund (26 years)

Twenty-five year honorees

25 year award recipients

Front row, from left: Kathy Green, Sue Ann Hennessy, Patricia Palmiotto, and Donna Rocke Robar.

Second row: Hafiz Farel Shabazz, Sylvie Seguin, and Roland Whitney.

Back row: David Gelhar, Stan Fillian, Kathleen Decato, Rene Dauphinais, Wendell Kenison, and Barbara MacAdam, Richard Rossoll.

Not pictured: Carlene Eitapence, Susan Martin, William Pence, R. Tucker Rossiter, Charles "Corky" Scott, Carl Thum, Hannie Wei, and Jack Wilson.

Twenty-year honorees

20 year honorees

Front row, from left: Elizabeth Bankert, Ann Betters, Stephanie Boone, Charlene Bradley, Deborah Carney, Virginia Carreiro, Geraldine Jarvis, Penny Paquette, Cheryl Reynolds.

Second row: Lisa Ladd, Lauren Cummings, Jeannette Crary, Stephen Dulli, Terri Farnham, Julie Pillsbury, Kelly Mousley, Carolynn Wilson, Anne Weatherman.

Third row: Charles Clark, David Leenders, Brian Edwards, Douglas Phoenix, Thomas LaCroix, Susan Schwarz, Theresa Slie, Gail Wallin, Annette Williams.

Fourth row: Richard Sawyer, Gregory Wadlinger.

Not pictured: Susan Atwood, Thomas Chapman, Patricia Cope, Goodie Corriveau, Cheryl Coutermarsh, Marcia Craig Jacobs, Andrew Doyle, Patricia Fisher, Carol Gage, Karen Gocsik, Madeline Grace, Michelle Greene, Kellen Haak, Bobby Ignjatovic, Lisa LaFlam, Janice McEwan, Thomas Mead, Mary Ann Milanese, Nancy Miller, Maninder Rakhra, Carla Richters, Christina Robinson, Linda Rossiter, Sandra Rozyla, William Slayton, Marjorie Slocum, Sycha Spengemann, Lisa Thum, Charles Torrey, Robert Wagner, Sylvia Wilcox.

Fifteen-year honorees

15 year honorees

First row, from left: Margaret Grove, Barbara Conrad, Daniel Dover, Lori Jackson, Marcia Kelly, Janet Kennedy, Kathy Ross, Elaine Townsend, Debbie Wilson.

Second row: Mary Kay Brown, Bernard Haskell, Michelle Gratacos, Diane Houle, Linda Langley, Marcy Menitove, Susan Rosales Nelson, Leonard Parker, Grover Tyler.

Third row: Larry Carr, Michael Burton, Sandra Cragin, Ginger Farewell-Lawrence, Hugh Mellert, Dana Kennedy, Nelson Morgan, Todd Tattershall, A. James Wilson.

Not pictured: Joan Blood, Renee Brown, Mark Bruno, Aarron Clough, Lynn Coffran, Theresa D'Orsi, Timothy DePree, Michael Devins, Paul Dionne, Daphne Ellis, Karen Endicott, Kevin Evans, Jan Fisher, Christopher Halford, Cristina Hammond, Michael Hanitchak, Jodi Harrington, Scott Howell, Joseph Huntington, Sally Jaeger, Richard J. Johnson, Ingrid Knudsen, Sarah K. LaBombard, Bonnie Labrie, Steven Lubrano, Joseph Mehling, Rita Murdoch, Robert Nutt, Karen Odato, Marjorie Parmenter, Andrew Perkins, Maria Schalk, Paphanh Sithavady, Ann St. Onge, Terri Wade, Victor Waryas, Andrew Welch, Hali Wickner, Christina Wielgus.

Ten-year honorees

10 year honorees

First row, from left: Daniel Gottlieb, Judy Jarvis, Kim Keating, Darlene Bailey, Doris Beyer, Barbara Mellert, Carol Millay, Deborah Morgan, Caroline Taylor, Carmen Wilmot.

Second row: Alan Chow, Bridgett Jillson, Susan Hanifin, Barbara Birdsey, Duane Follensbee, Christian Langley, Laura Lariviere, John Power, Holly Waterman, Tracy Wynkoop.

Third row: Phyllis Nemhauser, Helena Josephson, Lauren Clarke, John Caulo, Katrina Davis, Betty Fulton (hidden), Annette Hamilton, Anne Ivey, Michele Jaeger, Michelle Thibodeau, Lorri Wettemann, Xiao-Wei Wang, Marisue Valentine.

Fourth row: Robin Pych, Sharon Greene, William Romaro, Maurice Anderson, Hiroyuki Sano, Jaime Dalton, Lisa Stoelting, Lance Ilsley, T. Barton Thurber, Laurence Bassett, Timothy Duggan, Terry Rosenmeier, Karen Kluge, Richard Jaros, David Levesque, Eugene Thorburn.

Not pictured: Rosemarie Adams, Cory Ahonen, Royce Andrus, Robert Arnold, Kevin Baron, Nancy Bates, Michael Bissaillon, Terry Blanchard, Ann Brash, Robert Burnham, Theodore Bush, Stephanie Carson, Susan Caruso, Janet Cheney, Chris Clark, Catharine Clark, Erin Cochrane, Patricia Dewhirst, Jeffrey DeWitt, Ruhong Dong, Carissa Dowd, Jennifer Fountain, Sharon French, Jennifer Friend, Vincent Fusca, Beth Harwood, Kimberly Hayes, Mark Hudak, Mary Hynes, Andrew Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Sally Johnson, Stacey Kegelman, Piotr Lesniewski, Stacie Marshall, Christine Maute, Rebecca Mlynarski, Robert O'Gara, Fearn Pate, Ronald Peterson, Randy Pixley, Linda Plumb, Candace Powers, Pamela Pryor, Sukdith Punjasthitkul, Shelley Richer, Mary Ellen Rigby, Edward Robert, Cheryl Robie, Richard Savage, Gail Seaver, David Sekula, Joshua Shaw, Irene Shea, David Stanhope, Therese Teitsch, Honora Thebodo, Andrew Toler, Miguel Valladares, June Vance, R. Dan Vaughan, Tanya Volodina, Lori Warner, Sarah Welsch, Susan White, Alicia Williams, Miles Yoshimura, Kay Yost, Susan Zaslaw.



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