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Winter Carnival

The winning Winter Carnival poster design by Brenton Rayner ’10. Winter Carnival posters and T-shirts will be sold in Collis the week of carnival. Original posters of previous carnivals may be purchased at or by contacting Dennis Jette at (863) 666-6265. 

The theme of Dartmouth’s 99th Winter Carnival (February 11 through 14) is Ancient Greece and Rome, which “is particularly applicable since several Dartmouth students and recent alumni are competing in the Winter Olympics this year,” says Sophie Novack ’11, chair of the Winter Carnival Committee. In addition to colorful favorites such as the Carni Classic and Polar Bear Swim, carnival is an official NCAA competition for the league- leading Dartmouth cross-country and alpine ski teams. Benjy Meigs ’10 is overseeing the design of this year’s snow sculpture, a replica of the Coliseum. See the full schedule of events.

Opening Ceremonies: Thursday, February 11 • 6 p.m. • 646-3399
Occom Pond Party: Saturday, February 13 • noon • 646-3399

Last Updated: 2/3/10