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Investigator Spotlights

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Annamaria LusardiProfessor of Economics

The Importance of Being Financially Literate: Evidence and Implications for Financial Education Programs, funded by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, 2-year award

WHY: "The aim of this project is to illustrate the state of financial literacy in the United States and the impact of financial literacy on financial well-being."

Annamaria Lusardi

BETTER DATA: "The analysis performed in this project is rather unique and made possible by years of investment in improving the information collected in national surveys and the design of financial literacy questions, thus substantially improving upon existing data."

TEAMWORK: "This project builds on work I have been doing at Dartmouth in collaboration with Punam Anand Keller (Tuck School of Business) and Adam Keller (EVP for Finance and Administration)."

Ryan Calsbeek, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Ryan Calsbeek

Adaptive Mate Choice Driven by Sexual Conflict in the Brown Anole, Anolis Sagrei, funded by the National Science Foundation, 3-year award

WHY: "Male and female brown anole lizards share almost all of the same genes, but often the genes that make high-quality males are different from the genes that make high-quality females. This project aims to understand how selection drives an evolutionary response to this sexual conflict."

NEW GROUND: "This is a relatively new area of research in the field of evolutionary biology and so is new for my lab as well."

COLLABORATOR: Dartmouth postdoctoral researcher Robert Cox.

Claudia Zayfert, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Computer-Guided Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD, funded by the Department of Defense, Army Medical Research and Development    

WHY: "Research has shown that prolonged exposure therapy (PE) is one of the most effective methods of treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), yet many service members with PTSD do not receive it."

Claudia Zayfert

GOING FURTHER: "Building on my work that has focused on increasing availability of evidence-based treatment for PTSD, this study will help to determine the extent to which computer-based treatment is likely to be used by service members with PTSD who are reluctant to seek mental health services, and how computer-based treatment can be integrated with existing care structures."

GOALS: "The ultimate aim of this research is to create a complete program for computer guided prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD."


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Last Updated: 12/17/08