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Crocker Appointed Dean of Tucker Foundation
Richard Crocker

The Rev. Dr. Richard R. Crocker has been named dean of the William Jewett Tucker Foundation. As the Virginia Rice Kelsey Dean of the Tucker Foundation, Rev. Crocker is responsible for overseeing programs that involve community service, religious life, social justice, civic responsibility, and leadership development, and that foster collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students. Crocker will retain his current position as College chaplain and will continue leading the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life within the Tucker Foundation. In his dual roles, Crocker will support that organization's mission to further the moral and spiritual work of the College by promoting social justice and civic responsibility, while considering and discussing issues of activism and conscience.

Report on Mercury in the Ecosystem
Chen and Serrell
Celia Chen (left) and Nancy Sherrell

Celia Chen, research associate professor of biology, is lead author of a newly published report that aims to increase understanding of how mercury moves through the marine ecosystem and ends up in the fish we eat. The report, published in the current issue of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, is the result of a 2006 meeting convened by members of Dartmouth's Toxic Metals Research Program. It will help to set priorities for a research and biomonitoring agenda that can inform environmental regulation and public health policy. Nancy Serrell, director of outreach at Dartmouth, is a co-author on the paper.

Updated Guide to Sources, Academic Integrity

This fall, a newly updated document, "Sources and Citation at Dartmouth College" is available to Dartmouth students and scholars online. Rather than focusing on how to cite sources (links to how-to guides, such as the MLA Handbook, are provided), this version of the guide addresses questions of why and when to cite sources, and of academic integrity. It was produced by a Committee on Sources, chaired by Thomas Luxon, professor of English and director of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning; and Thomas Cormen, professor of computer science and former director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.

Thayer Researchers Engineer Ethanol-producing Bacterium
Lee Lynd

A team of researchers from Thayer School of Engineering, working with Mascoma Corporation in Lebanon, N.H., have genetically engineered a bacterium that makes ethanol as the product of its fermentation. Cellulosic ethanol, derived from cellulosic biomass such as wood and grass, is a leading candidate for a sustainable and secure alternative fuel and is recognized as having significant advantages over corn as a raw material for ethanol production. According to Lee Lynd, the Paul E. and Joan H. Queneau Distinguished Professor of Engineering and corresponding author on the study, the engineering of this bacterium is a first step in potential future production of ethanol-producing microbes.

Pogue is Dean of Graduate Studies
Brian Pogue

Thayer School Professor of Engineering Brian Pogue has been appointed to a three-year term as Dean of Graduate Studies. Pogue has served as the director of the Masters in Engineering and Ph.D. programs at the Thayer School of Engineering since 2005, on the Thayer/DMS Joint Curricular Planning Committee, and as a professor of electrical and biomedical engineering. He is known internationally for his research on biomedical optics and cancer imaging. His research laboratory is funded by the National Institutes of Health's National Cancer Institute, and he is active in the research community outside of Dartmouth. Pogue's commitment to the success of graduate programs was recognized in 2006 with the Graduate Student Council Mentoring Award.



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Last Updated: 12/17/08