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Saluting Loyalty and Service

A Zamboni driver, the creator of Dartmouth's first website, and the mysterious "Vox in the Box" writer were among the 25-year employees recognized during the College's annual Service Awards Banquet in June. The event honored the more than 200 Dartmouth employees who reached milestones of 10, 15, 20, or 25 years of service to the College this year.

wright and guerin
President James Wright Congratulates Marie Guerin, a 25-year employee of the Dartmouth Library, at the College's annual Service Awards Banquet in June. (All photos by Tilman Dette '10 unless otherwise noted.)

Thanking the employees for their dedication, speaker President James Wright said: "Your work makes the strength of Dartmouth possible. Your loyalty over the decades ensures this institution's beauty and stability, its continuity. Dartmouth salutes you-Susan [DeBevoise Wright] and I salute you-for the special spirit you bring to your work. I see so many Dartmouth people going the extra mile, and I receive letters and emails from visitors, parents, and members of this community who see the same.

Sheila Culbert
(Photo by Mark Washburn)


President Wright also announced that a newly established award will be presented annually to a staff member who has made a significant difference in the quality of the Dartmouth experience. The award will be named in honor of Sheila Culbert, former senior assistant to the president. Culbert worked at the College from 1989 until becoming head of school at Loomis Chaffee in Windsor, Conn., on July 1.


25-year honorees


Jan Bent, M.A.L.S. '82
Gail Blake
Rebecca Clogston
(Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Jan B. Bent, M.A.L.S. '82
Alumni Relations
Jan Bent, who retired in March, helped implement many innovations in Alumni Relations, including lifetime email for Dartmouth alumni and online voting. Bent also worked for the Tuck School, and was the executive director of the Dartmouth Institute from 1986 to 1994.

Gail M. Blake
Pathology, Dartmouth Medical School
Gail Blake began her career as a medical laboratory technician at Dartmouth in 1983. Her accomplishments include helping establish the Dartmouth Reference Laboratory.

Wayne T. Casey
Department of  Chemistry
Wayne Casey's technical and engineering skills have been invaluable in maintaining and improving the Department of Chemistry's nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers. He has taught generations of students to safely use the NMR equipment.

Rebecca M. B. Clogston
Sponsored Projects
Rebecca Clogston served 13 years as the Controller's Office accounting manager.  She is now cash manager within the Office of Sponsored Projects, the area that oversees the College's $200 million accounts receivable for grants.

Gene Dinsmore
John Gratiot
Matthew Gray
Gene V. Dinsmore
Facilities Operations and Management
In 1986, Gene Dinsmore accepted the position of carpenter B for the Buildings and Grounds Department. He has been regularly promoted throughout the years, moving to the position of carpenter A in 1991, lead carpenter in 2001, and carpenter shop supervisor in 2005.

Jeffrey C. Frechette
Jeff Frechette joined the training staff in 1981 and assumed the role of head athletic trainer in 1994. He oversees the medical care for Dartmouth student athletes, including orthopaedic care with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Department of Orthopaedics.

John P. Gratiot
Facilities Operations and Management
John Gratiot began his career at Dartmouth in March 1983 as a maintenance engineer. In 1988, he was promoted to the position of assistant director of engineering, and he became associate vice president of Facilities Operations and Management in 2000.

Matthew J. Gray
Procurement and Auxiliary Services
Matthew Gray began his career at Dartmouth in 1982 as a custodian on second shift. In 1987 he transferred to the purchasing department as a warehouse operator. Gray has served as the stockroom union lead position in Procurement since 1993.

Marie T. Guerin
Marie Guerin held her first position as a circulation desk assistant in Baker Library from 1983 until 1989. In 1991 she became stacks supervisor. She has managed a number of changes to the collections, including providing access during the renovation and construction of Baker-Berry between 1998 and 2002.

Jane Hebb
Catherine Henault
Joseph Hill
Jane E. Hebb
BioInformatics, Dartmouth Medical School
Jane Hebb has devoted 25 years to the management of clinical trial research data. She facilitated an investigation of the recurrence of colon polyps and cancer that has set national standards for colon screening.

Catherine F. Henault
Residential Life
Catherine Henault joined the newly formed Office of Residential Life in 1989 to work as office accounting assistant. Now, as associate director of Residential Operations, her work includes oversight of 59 undergraduate residential buildings.

Joseph L. Hill
In 1983 Joseph Hill was hired as a computer operator in the Kiewit Computing Center machine room, where he was responsible for maintaining the Dartmouth College Time-Sharing system. Hill created the first Dartmouth website in 1993, and in 1999 he became Unix systems manager.

Ronald Hiser
Gary Hutchins
Pamela Lyman
Ronald L. Hiser Jr.
Student Financial Services
Ron Hiser has served Dartmouth as financial manager for the Dartmouth Dining Association, an auditor for the College Internal Audit Department, and assistant controller and director of the Loan Office. In 2001 he became the College's first director of Student Financial Services.

Gary L. Hutchins
Graduate Studies
Gary Hutchins worked at the Tuck School of Business from 1983 to 2000, first as a registrar and second as a director of fiscal and auxiliary services. In 2000, Hutchins became assistant dean at the Office of Graduate Studies.

Pamela M. Lyman
Pamela Lyman has worked in the Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) for her entire 25 years. Lyman is often the first point of contact for potential and current donors. She helps ensure that gifts are recorded correctly and in a timely manner.

Christina McCarthy
Dartmouth College Library
Christina McCarthy supervises the Library's Cataloging and Metadata department. In the 1980s, serially published materials were among the earliest Library materials to migrate from card-based to online catalog formats and McCarthy played an important role in the conversion.

David Merrill
Nancy Moye
Francis Oscadal
David A. Merrill
David Merrill has served Dartmouth as a Computer Repair Shop technician since 1983, when most computing was done using terminals connected to the Dartmouth College Time-Sharing system. Merrill was involved in wiring the first campus buildings for network access.

Nancy L. Moye
Residential Life
Nancy Moye contributed to the offices of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Provost. She has been a valued member of the Office of Residential Life since 1988 and is now assistant to the dean. 

Francis X. Oscadal
In the 1980s, Francis Oscadal was the "Vox in the Box," the anonymous answerer of questions posed by library users via the Vox Box outside the Baker reserve corridor. Oscadal also played a leadership role in the use of early online databases and in the production of information in CD-ROM format.

Tracy Perrin
A regular driver of the Thompson Arena Zamboni, Tracy Perrin has cleared the ice for some of the biggest games in Dartmouth hockey history. With other members of the grounds crew, Perrin prepares venues for events ranging from football games to the Big Apple Circus. 

Corrine P. Sanborn
Procurement and Auxiliary Services
After serving as the accounting clerk for Buildings and Grounds for 13 years, Corrine Sanborn transferred to Human Resources, where she worked as an information processing technician for seven years. Sanborn currently serves as supplier/compliance manager of Procurement.

William Shippen Jr.
Andrew Steele, Tuck '79
George Wall
William B. Shippen Jr.
Hanover Inn
William Shippen first came to Dartmouth in 1981 to work in Thayer Hall and has been a breakfast cook at the Hanover Inn for the last 10 years. He is a member of the first class to graduate from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vt.

Andrew R. Steele, Tuck '79
Development and Alumni Services, Tuck School of Business
In 1982 Andrew Steele began his career at Tuck. He is now executive director of Development and Alumni Services. Under his stewardship, annual giving participation has been consistently around 60 percent, a rate much higher than other M.B.A. programs.

George Wall
Facilities Operations and Management
George Wall has worked for the Hanover Inn and Dartmouth Dining Services. He is currently a member of Facilities Operations and Management's H-squad, a mobile custodial unit that provides services including event support.

Betty Wilson
(Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Betty Wilson
Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Dartmouth Medical School
In 1987 Betty Wilson transferred from the Controller's Office to serve as an administrative assistant at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC). In 2004 Wilson was promoted to budget assistant, working with the NCCC finance team.

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