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Ex Libris

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Graduating Student Library Employees
Some of the graduating student employees recognized by the Library through its Service Bookplate Program this year. Front row, from left: Tyler Putnam '09, Liza Wiley '09, Dylan Nelson '09, Virginia Deaton '09, Lindsay Dana '09, and Page Wagley '09. Back row, from left: Kaili Lambe '09, Jeffrey Koh '09, Jillian Hamma '09, Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College Jeffrey Horrell, Joshua Hilliard M.A.L.S. '09, Jeremy Seidling '09, and Jessie Maxwell '09. (Photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

Over 70 graduating seniors were honored this term by the Library's Student Library Service Bookplate Program, now in its third year. The program invites graduating student Library employees to choose books, DVDs, or CDs for the Library's collections. Each item receives a bookplate that acknowledges the student's selection and honors his or her service to the Library.

"I chose The Phantom Tollbooth because it was my absolute favorite book when I was in elementary school," says honoree Dylan Nelson '09. "It plays with language in such an intelligent way that every time I reread it I find something new and fun. I hope that future Dartmouth students enjoy it as much as I have."

Students from the Class of 2009 chose items ranging from novels, poetry, and children's books to studies of foreign relations and DVDs of favorite films. Commencement week displays will celebrate honorees at all of Dartmouth's campus libraries, and a webpage will link to Library Catalog records for the students' selections.


Last Updated: 5/27/09