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Staff Snapshots

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Gloria Comstock

Loan counselor in Student Financial Services

On the Job: Comstock works with alumni who have student loans serviced by Dartmouth. "What I love about my job," she says, "is that I can make a difference in some lives. There are people out there who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties, and it's so rewarding when we can help someone get out of a financial hole."

comstock(Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Next steps: Comstock has worked at Dartmouth since 1992 and plans to retire to New Mexico this summer. "In these economic times I'm very grateful that Dartmouth has made it a little easier to leave, financially," she says of the retirement incentive the College offered as part of the budget reconciliation plan.

Small World: Comstock has been involved with Dartmouth's International Friendship program-which matches international students with Upper Valley families for cultural exchange, friendship, and support-since 1993. The program has enabled her to host meals in her home for students from every continent except Antarctica. "I cannot travel the world but I bring a bit of the world into my life by hosting these students," she says.

Pay it forward: Comstock also participates in the Christmas Project for the nonprofit organization the Family Place in Norwich, Vt. "I was born into a very low-income family in Brooklyn, New York," she says.  "The Christmas when I was seven years old, I received some gifts from a settlement house-a community organization that helped immigrant families like mine. I can never directly repay the people who provided my family and me with so much that year other than by passing the kindness on to others."

Joanna Whitcomb

Planner, Office of Planning, Design and Construction (OPDC)

On the Job: Whitcomb has worked in the OPDC since January 2007 and is responsible for campus planning that integrates land use and buildings with the natural environment. She has most recently worked on commuting issues, bus stop enhancements, a parking survey, and campus mapping.

whitcomb(Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)

On the Move: Whitcomb also serves as Dartmouth's representative to the Upper Valley Transportation Management Association (UVTMA), whose mission is to reduce reliance on the automobile. The group promotes innovative commuting initiatives and keeps abreast of legislative activity. Whitcomb says, "In addition to enhancing transportation options in the Upper Valley, the association provides an invaluable service in bringing to the table transit providers, towns, school districts, major employers, transportation consultants, and concerned citizens."

Kudos: Len Cadwallader, executive director of the White River Junction, Vt., nonprofit organization Vital Communities (a partnership of the UVTMA) says, "Joanna's skills as a planner have been invaluable. Most of the credit for the 'Mobility Checklist: Guidelines to Create Efficient and Livable Growth,' which won the 2008 Project of the Year award from the New Hampshire Planners Association, belongs to her." The checklist is a tool for communities to create livable growth that emphasizes non-automobile forms of transportation. Click here to see the document.

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Last Updated: 3/30/09