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Comments from the Community

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See more comments from the community in this video.

"We would like to thank the Dartmouth community for the welcome extended to Dr. Jim Yong Kim on the day of the announcement. We were personally touched by the warm reception and enthusiasm so clearly demonstrated—from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. You have made our time at Dartmouth so rewarding, and we are confident Jim Kim, Dr. Younsook Lim, and their two sons will find the same to be true.” 
President James Wright and Susan DeBevoise Wright

Samantha Ivery (left) advisor to black students in the Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL), greeted President-elect Kim at the reception. "He will bring a fresh perspective and will broaden the College's network and influence in the world," she says. "I am also very proud to see a person of color in the senior administration. I think his experience will help guide the College closer to living the values of our 'Principles of Community,' which states that, 'Each student is expected to be sensitive to and respectful of the rights and interests of others and ... be appreciative of the diversity of the community as providing an opportunity for learning and moral growth.'" (Photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

"[Kim] combines what I consider to be a deep humanistic philosophy with the attitude of a scientist. When he said he learned from his father how to keep his feet on the ground and learned from his mother how to aspire into the clouds, he produced a balance that I think is going to be important to take us into the most profound problems of the 21st century.”
Donald Pease, the Avalon Professor of the Humanities

"He’s a very impressive man and he brings a little bit different perspective and background than we’ve seen in the past … I look forward as an alumnus to working with him for the betterment of Dartmouth College.”
John Engelman ’68


"Walking into Spaulding Auditorium was a surreal moment. I’ve read Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains and I even recently applied for an internship with Partners In Health. Paul Farmer and Dr. Kim have been two of my idols as of late. I have a lot of optimism for his presidency.”
Rob Szypko ’12

"Jim’s role has often been to transform small projects, in service to patients and communities, into world-changing interventions through his engagement with policymakers and by working to help craft policy himself. As Jim’s closest friend and colleague for 25 years, I can only say that I think Dartmouth is lucky to have him.”
Paul Farmer, co-founder, Partners In Health

"I just loved the way he talked about working with students and transforming leadership. I also loved looking around [Spaulding Auditorium] and watching the students’ faces because we have such a diverse student population right now. Our students will see him as a role model. He will be the president for all students.”
Holly Sateia, vice president for Institutional Diversity and Equity

"As a faculty member in the arts, I’m thrilled for his coming in that I sense he understands that we need to feed souls as well as bodies.”
Steve Swayne, associate professor of music


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Last Updated: 3/15/09