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"Dartmouth staff volunteer their time and expertise throughout the Upper Valley and beyond," says Peter Glenshaw, Dartmouth's director of Community Relations. "From local government and youth sports leagues to human services and conservation groups, Dartmouth volunteers are deeply and generously engaged in their communities."

In this installment of "Staff Snapshots," VOX of Dartmouth highlights some of those staff members and their service work.

Among the many places you can find Dartmouth faculty and staff volunteering:

  • Upper Valley United Way
  • Lebanon, N.H., Planning Commission
  • Thetford, Vt., Conservation Commission
  • Local school boards
  • Vital Communities
  • The Upper Valley Haven
  • Bonnie Clac
  • Upper Valley Trail Alliance
  • COVER Home Repair and Reuse Program
  • Hanover Rotary Club
  • Community Access Television

Dartmouth volunteers also support youth sports leagues including Ford Sayre Memorial Ski Council, Little League, Hanover Hockey Association, Upper Valley Lightning Soccer, and local town recreation programs.

Do you have a colleague you'd like to see recognized in a staff snapshot? Email to let us know.

Richard J. McNulty

Executive Director of Career Development and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Tuck School of Business

On the job: McNulty works closely with students and alumni in the areas of leadership and professional development. He also directs the Paganucci Fellows Program at Dartmouth College, which provides summer internships for Dartmouth students to do applied research in microfinance.

mcnultyRichard J. McNulty with his son, Braxton (Photo courtesy Richard J. McNulty)
Balls and bats: A resident of Hanover, McNulty has coached his two children in different sports for the past five years. His first experience was coaching his daughter Mason's third/fourth-grade basketball team, the Gray Wolves. Most recently, he coached his son Braxton's Little League baseball team, the Ironbirds.

Memories and perspectives: "I became a basketball coach because I played hoops growing up and coaching allowed me to spend more time with my daughter at a time when we were relatively new to Hanover," says McNulty. He adds that his interest in baseball took a less direct route: "Three years ago my son and I went to spring training in Florida to see the Pittsburg Pirates, the team of my childhood baseball hero, Roberto Clemente. It was on that trip that I fell in love with baseball through the eyes of my son."

Time well spent: "Sports provide a unique opportunity for children to learn how to win and how to lose," says McNulty. He adds that coaching allows him to be with his children and their friends in something other than a parental role: "At this stage of life, it is the most meaningful thing I do with my free time."

Marge Parmenter

Line Cook at Collis Café

On the job: This month marks Parmenter's 15th year at Collis Café, where she sets up ingredients for omelettes and stir-fries. With her colleagues, she also makes hundreds of breakfast sandwiches a day for the hungry Dartmouth students who pass through the line.

parmenterMarge Parmenter (Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Dedication: Parmenter volunteers at the Upper Valley Haven, where she manages clothing and food donations. The Haven provides shelter and education to homeless families, and food, clothing, and other services for those in need. Parmenter began at the Haven four years ago. She volunteers seven hours during regular work weeks and full time when Collis Café closes for holidays.

Benefits: "I do it because there are people in the Upper Valley who need so many things. It's nice to see a mother walking out the door with a smile on her face and new clothes for her baby. Before Christmas, I helped a woman who couldn't afford presents for her grandchildren. When she found what she needed at the Haven, that made me so happy."

Jason Rouillard

Project Manager, Office of Planning, Design, and Construction

RouillardJason Rouillard and his son, Ben (Photo courtesy Jason Rouillard)
On the job: Rouillard manages projects that range from creating spaces for entire departments to designing custom bookcases. His responsibilities include managing budgets, scheduling projects, drafting construction documents, and coordinating with outside consultants.

Years of practice: Since 1990, Rouillard, of Hartford, Vt., has served as a head coach, an assistant coach, and as a board member for all ages and ability levels of youth hockey. He currently volunteers as a head coach for Upper Valley Youth Hockey.

Shared experience: Rouillard has coached all three of his children on hockey teams, and has played the game since he was a child. "Hockey has always been a part of my life," he says, "so it was a good way to teach young players the sport. It's a fun, fast, and exciting game to play. Why not share what I know with kids-especially my own?"

Lessons learned: "It's incredible how fast the young players learn, and it's amazing to see the progression of their skills from the beginning to the end of the season. At Upper Valley Youth Hockey, we not only teach the game, we teach kids to be better people on and off the ice."

Abigail Metcalf Underhill

Administrative Assistant in Development, Parents and Grandparents Fund Office

underhillAbigail Metcalf Underhill (Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)

On the job: Underhill organizes travel for staff, schedules meetings, and coordinates the Dartmouth Parents and Grandparents Fund Committee.

On the board: A native of Piermont, N.H., Underhill volunteers as a board member for the Piermont Village School (Grades K-8), where she also coaches soccer and basketball. She has two children, one of whom, Wyatt, will attend kindergarten at Piermont next September. As a board member, she creates policies and addresses parental concerns. She also makes decisions about the school's budget, and she credits her work at Dartmouth for honing her skills in this area. "The money we raise in Development supports the operating budget of the College, so I've learned a lot about budget issues."

Giving back: "I grew up in Piermont and take a lot of pride in the town," Underhill says, "so I just want to help the community that helped me grow to be the person I am."

Hao Xu

Postdoctoral fellow in the biochemistry laboratory of Bill Wickner, the James C. Chilcott 1920 Professor of Biology, at Dartmouth Medical School.

XuHao Xu (Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)

On the job: Xu designs and conducts experiments to answer questions about how biological membranes fuse to each other.

Jack of all trades: As a volunteer, Xu serves as a carpenter, a cook, and a receptionist for several of New Hampshire's nonprofit organizations. He answers phones for New Hampshire Public Radio's membership drives in Concord; interacts with teenagers and prepares meals at the Junction, a youth center in White River Junction, Vt.; and repairs homes for low-income families in the Upper Valley with the Cover Home Repair and Reuse Program.

Finding a balance: Juggling work, personal and volunteer obligations means that Xu sometimes has to adjust his schedule but says, "Like everything else we do, as long as we are willing to commit, we will find the time to do it."

Worth the effort: An 18-month resident of Lebanon, N.H., Xu says his volunteer activities greatly enrich his experience living in the Upper Valley. "My view of life keeps evolving and expanding, thanks to my interaction with people from all walks of life. I acquire new skills each time I go on a home-repair project, and I feel a great sense of reward when I see floors being laid, or wheelchair ramps being built, piece-by-piece."

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Last Updated: 2/27/09