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Recognition for Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students

Did you or a colleague recently receive an honor or award? Write to to tell us about it.

caregivingDartmouth Medicine magazine has won the top writing prize of the Association of American Medical Colleges-the Robert G. Fenley Award of Excellence. The award was given for "The Poetry of Caregiving," the spring 2008 cover feature on poet Donald Hall written by freelancer Susan Salter Reynolds. It tells the story of the death of Hall's wife (and fellow poet) Jane Kenyon from leukemia and how he cared for her during her illness. Local photographer Jon Gilbert Fox took the photos for the article. Editor Dana Grossman extends her thanks to Hall, Reynolds, and Fox, as well as "The many other people who in assorted ways support or contribute to the magazine-this award rests on a foundation of considerable input (and output) from many quarters!" Click here to read the story online.

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry recognized Michael Dorsey, assistant professor of environmental studies, as a "Green Revolutionary" in an exhibition this winter titled "Black Creativity 2009: Green Revolution." The exhibition highlighted more than 30 individuals with "green" careers, who, the museum noted, "are fueling the green movement and just beginning the revolution to save our planet." The tribute to Dorsey recognized his work on "international and domestic environmental justice and policy issues," and his study of "the interplay of environmental governance and transnational institutions. Combining research and advocacy, his activities with nonprofit organizations include advising a consortium of groups seeking a global ban on human cloning, identifying public health hazards and inspiring youth."

greenRonald Green (Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Ronald Green, the Eunice and Julian Cohen Professor for the study of Ethics and Human Values and Professor of Religion, appeared on a Feb. 11 broadcast of Greater Boston with Emily Rooney. Green discussed his book, Babies by Design: The Ethics of Genetic Choice, and argued that parents will-and probably should-take advantage of evolving medical technologies to alter babies' genes to prevent disease and increase abilities. Green told Rooney, "We're talking about 'design' in the best sense of that term; 'design' meaning intelligence and planning-bringing some forethought to our reproductive lives." Click here to view the show.


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Last Updated: 2/28/09