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Research Awards

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Dartmouth researchers were awarded $8.7 million during December, including $5.5 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Albert, Mary—Engineering Sciences
National Science Foundation
Collaborative Project: Ice Drilling Program Office

Chaboyer, Brian—Physics and Astronomy
Space Telescope Science Institute
The Ages of Globular Clusters and the Population II Distance Scale
2-Year Award

Dmitrovsky, Ethan, S. Freemantle, S. Kitareewan—Pharmacology and Toxicology
National Cancer Institute
Retinoic Acid Paradox and Promyelocytic Leukemia

Flashman, Laura—Psychiatry
University of Iowa
Neurobiological Predictors of Huntington’s Disease (PREDICT-HD)

Gerngross, Tillman—Engineering Sciences
Eli Lilly and Company
Site-specific PEGylation using Glycoengineered-E. coli
2-Year Award

Gibbons, Frederick—Psychological and Brain Sciences, M. Gerrard—Psychiatry
National Institutes of Health
Factors Influencing the Health Behavior of Young African American Adults
3-Month Award

Gougelet, Robert—Medicine
State of New Hampshire
Northern New England Metropolitan Medical Response System
2.7-Year Award
Project 5: Collaborative Planning for Delivery of Essential Healthcare Services

Gustman, Alan—Economics
University of Michigan
How Do Pension Changes Affect Retirement Preparedness?

Heatherton, Todd, W. Kelley, P. Whalen—Psychological and Brain Sciences
National Institute of Mental Health
Functional Anatomic Studies of Interpersonal Rejection

Hegel, Mark—Psychiatry
Thomas Jefferson University
Improving Function in AMD Trial (IF-AMD)

Hendricks, Kristy—Pediatrics
Tufts University
Development and Evaluation of a Food Composition Database for use between Countries
5-Month Award

Holmes, Gregory, J. Kleen—Pediatrics
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Cognitive Impact of Interictal Spikes in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Honda, Tadashi, D. Mierke—Chemistry
Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Design and Synthesis of a Novel Class of IKKbeta Inhibitors

Hoopes, P. Jack—Surgery
Intelligent Medical Implants GmbH
Preclinical Assessment of a Retinal Implant Device

Korc, Murray, T. MacKenzie, L. Sempere—Medicine
National Cancer Institute
Role of microRNAs in Genetic Mouse Models of Pancreatic Cancer

Madden, Dean—Biochemistry
University of Pittsburgh
Regulation of the Endocytic Trafficking of CFTR

Merrens, Matthew, F. Foster—Psychiatry
Connecticut Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Implementation

Merrens, Matthew—Psychiatry
Center for Social Innovation
IDDT Consultation—Central City Concern-Oregon
6-Month Award

Moeschler, John—Pediatrics
University of New Hampshire
A University Affiliated Program in New Hampshire

Nichols, Ralph—Microbiology and Immunology
Veterans Administration
6-Month Award

Parsonnet, Jeffrey—Medicine
Procter and Gamble
Pathogenesis of Toxic Shock Syndrome

Pogue, Brian—Engineering Sciences
Physical Sciences, Incorporated
A Singlet Molecular Oxygen Imaging Sensor for Photodynamic Therapy
6-Month Award

Shepherd, Simon—Engineering Sciences
National Science Foundation
CEDAR: Characterizing the Variability in the High Latitude Ionospheric Electric Field

Sporn, Michael—Pharmacology and Toxicology
National Cancer Institute
New Triterpenoids for Chemoprevention of Cancer

Sullivan, Charles—Engineering Sciences
C. S. Draper Laboratory, Incorporated
Miniaturized High-Q VHF Power Inductors Using Nanogranular Magnetic Films

Supattapone, Surachai, M. Miller—Biochemistry
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Role of Prpc Polybasic Domains in Prion Conversion

Thompson, Paul—Computer Science
Milcord Incorporated
6-Month Award

Whitfield, Michael—Genetics
Boston University
Biomarkers of Disease Activity and Progression in Systemic Sclerosis

Zegans, Michael—Surgery
University of California, San Francisco
Steroids in Corneal Ulcers Trial

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.



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Last Updated: 1/30/09