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American University of Kuwait Welcomes Dartmouth Interns

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Dinah Warren '10 and Laura Cree '11 are traveling this month to the Middle East for internships at the American University of Kuwait (AUK). They met on Jan. 22 with Tadd Kruse, assistant dean for student affairs at AUK, to talk about their upcoming journey. Kruse was at Dartmouth to meet with students and administrators.

aukTadd Kruse of the American University of Kuwait, Laura Cree ’11, and Dinah Warren ’10 (from left). (Photo by Tilman Dette '10)

"I expect it will challenge me," says Warren, anticipating her month-long stay in Kuwait, "but it will also be an enlightening experience." Cree says that one of her goals is to "unhinge American stereotypes," and adds that she hopes it will be the first of many visits to the region.

Dartmouth has worked with AUK since 2003 in an advisory capacity, helping to build Kuwait's first private liberal arts university. "The Dartmouth-American University of Kuwait Project allows us to exchange ideas and ideals," notes Kruse. "It's not always easy given the misconceptions that both cultures have about each other, but this partnership is helping foster understanding of how we are a truly global society." Sixteen Dartmouth students have held internships at AUK and many AUK students have interned at Dartmouth. Four AUK students will be in Hanover this summer as interns at the Rassias Center and the Hood Museum of Art.


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Last Updated: 2/12/09