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Forever New: A Ten-Year Report

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President James Wright recently released "Forever New," which looks back on ten years of Dartmouth's achievements. Below is a letter from Wright introducing the report to the community. Click here to read the report.


Photo by Kawakahi Kaeo Amina ’09


In 2003, following a Dartmouth custom, I released a five-year report, and it is now my pleasure to share a ten-year report with the Dartmouth community. The progress and accomplishments it highlights are the results of the efforts of many committed people. Thanks to Dartmouth's distinguished faculty, outstanding students, dedicated staff, and supportive alumni/ae, parents and friends, the College has never been stronger

Because of generous support and wise stewardship by current and previous generations of the Dartmouth community, Dartmouth's substantial financial endowment has allowed us to advance and protect the priorities and accomplishments described in the report. That endowment of financial resources, along with those of every other college and university in the country, is now strained, but our true endowment—the people, facilities, and programs comprising the distinctive Dartmouth experience—is thriving.

As a result of the worldwide economic crisis, we are now engaged in the challenge of curtailing expenses to compensate for a decline in endowment income. Despite the need to make significant reductions, we are taking pains to protect the strength of our faculty and the overall educational experience of students, to maintain a full financial aid program that preserves access to Dartmouth regardless of a student's financial means, and to minimize the negative impact on our administrative and professional staff who so effectively support the Dartmouth experience.

The beginning of this new year also ushers in my final few months as president. This assignment has provided more satisfaction and joy than I ever could have anticipated. Susan and I look forward to the months ahead with enthusiasm and with gratitude for your good company and support for Dartmouth.



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Last Updated: 1/16/09