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Two Dartmouth alumni are ABC's "Persons of the Week"

Dartmouth alumni Milton Ochieng’ ’04 and Fred Ochieng’ ’05 were featured as ABC World News Tonight's “Persons of the Week” on January 30th. View the 3-minute video, and read ABC's story about the Ochiengs at

On the same evening, the Ochiengs were two of four Dartmouth alumni to receive a Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Award. Dartmouth President James Wright said the award winners "have demonstrated passion, courage, perseverance, and leadership. We owe them a debt of gratitude for all that they do." 

Both brothers are currently pursuing training as physicians. They overcame daunting obstacles in their quest to build a medical clinic in their native village of Lwala, Kenya. The clinic opened in April 2007 and now serves over 1,500 patients a month. The Dartmouth community has supported the project in many ways.

Milton said he was inspired to build the clinic during a Tucker Foundation Cross Cultural Education and Service trip to Siuna, Nicaragua, in 2001. The clinic's roof was painted green to symbolize the Ochiengs’ connection to Dartmouth.

More info:

Lwala Community Alliance

The Ochiengs are featured in the independently-produced documentary, "Sons of Lwala." The producer, Barry Simmons, is raising funds to re-cut the film for an airing on public television.
Sons of Lwala

Saving Time, Saving Lives
Dartmouth Life, April 2007


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