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Staff Snapshot

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David Mosher, Dartmouth Skiway mountain manager

On the job: Mosher is responsible for the Skiway's "outside operations," such as grooming, snowmaking, trail cutting, and lift operations. A 27-year veteran of the ski industry, he has worked in operations at mountains including the Arizona Snowbowl, Ski Windham (New York), and Sugarbush (Vermont).

David Mosher (photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Perspective: "In the east, you just have to have a sense of humor about the weather. Making snow, you can really see the effects of your job on a grand scale. And then the next day it gets washed down the stream." Of the Dupré family's recent gift for snowmaking equipment, Mosher says, "We've already had more guns running this year than ever-more than double-and can make snow top to bottom. It definitely gives us a more consistent snow surface."

Living it: Mosher reports that he still skis every day, usually making tracks in the morning. "I'm spoiled now though, I don't like the foul weather skiing," he admits.

Dream job: At Dartmouth since October 2007, Mosher says, "This is my dream job. Other resorts are competing to make money. The Skiway is a resource for Dartmouth folks, local schools and residents, the Dartmouth ski teams.  It is much more family oriented. Any day it's beautiful out and people are here having fun is a good one."


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Last Updated: 1/4/09