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More Than 3,000 Years of Dedication to Dartmouth

Annual service awards recognize College employees

Dartmouth honored 229 members of the community who have worked for the College for 10, 15, 20, and 25 years or more—adding up to a total of 3,510 years—during the annual Service Awards banquet on June 20. The evening included an outdoor reception, presentation of awards, and remarks by President James Wright and Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Adam Keller. "Any institution exists and grows strong only if there are those who understand its goals and commit themselves to helping to realize them," said President Wright at the event. "I speak on behalf of Dartmouth when I thank you for your loyalty and the special spirit of generosity and care that you bring to all that you do here."  (Photos by Kawakahi Kaeo Amina '09, unless otherwise noted)

25-year honorees

Paul Atherton
Paul Atherton

Richard Berry
Richard Berry (Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Brenda Berube
Brenda Berube

Linda Cole
Linda Cole

Paul K. Atherton
Power Plant, Facilities Operations and Management
In 1982, after serving in the U.S. Navy, Paul Atherton began work at the Dartmouth Heating Plant as a mechanic/boiler operator. He was promoted to master mechanic in 1986. Atherton continues to train new workers in the maintenance shop, ensuring that his working knowledge of the plant is passed on to the next generation.

Richard G. Berry
Carpenter Shop, Facilities Operations and Management
Master Roofer Richard Berry is responsible for all the roofs on campus. He has installed new roofs on McNutt, Robinson, Massachusetts Row, and Fayerweather and, on cold winter days, he can be found on the tops of ladders, removing rooftop snow and icicles. He has commuted from Barnet, Vt., to Hanover—more than 100 miles a day—for the past 25 years.

Brenda Talbott Berube
Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Since 1981, Brenda Berube has been at the heart of every administrative program at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. She has served four Cancer Center directors: Ross McIntyre, Ed Bresnick, Bob Greenberg, and Mark Israel. Berube was also the project coordinator for the New Hampshire Mammography Network from 1995 to 2000. Her colleagues say she is gracious, funny, adaptable, tireless, smart, savvy, and a joy to work with.

Louis G. Burkot
Hopkins Center for the Arts
Director of the Dartmouth College Glee Club Louis Burkot's tenure at Dartmouth has been marked by many innovative artistic projects, ranging from collaborations with the Hopkins Center Youth Ballet in the 1980s to the production of fully staged operettas, operas, and musical theater works. Burkot is also well-known as Opera North's artistic director and he is a frequent guest conductor for regional opera nationwide.

Linda J. Cole
Admissions and Financial Aid
Linda Cole began her career at Dartmouth in 1981 when she joined the Financial Aid Office as an administrative assistant. Now associate director, Cole has selected scholars, tracked spending, and collaborated with the Stewardship Office to streamline Dartmouth's endowed scholarship program. Colleagues say the consistently gracious letters Cole writes to donors are a symbol of her commitment to the financial aid program at Dartmouth.

Diana Forbes
Diana Forbes
Douglas Fraser
Douglas Fraser
Jo Ann \
Jo Ann "Josie" Harper
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

Diana Parker Forbes
Public Affairs
Diana Forbes has served as Dartmouth's "front porch" for 25 years, welcoming visitors to the College, routing questions, and enriching everyone with her wisdom and kindness. Hers is frequently the first voice that people outside the College hear when they have questions or concerns. Forbes' colleagues say she is one of the stalwarts of the Office of Public Affairs, and she brings a skillful and caring energy to her many roles.

Douglas A. Fraser
Thayer School of Engineering
Everyone at Thayer School of Engineering knows Doug Fraser, a research engineer. He is the advisor for many student electronics projects, digital electronics guru, ever-present photographer, local Photoshop expert, architect of the Fundamentals of Engineering exams, board member, judge, and more. Fraser recently spearheaded the first-ever competition for student-built hybrid race cars, which debuted in May 2007.

Jo Ann "Josie" Harper
Jo Ann Harper became Dartmouth's director of athletics in June 2002, the first woman in the Ivy League to hold the position. She was head coach of women's lacrosse for 11 years, taking the team to the NCAA tournament in 1983 and the ECAC championship in 1988. In November 2006, Harper was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Richard L. Johnson
Apparatus Shop, Dean of the Faculty Office
Richard Johnson has served the College for 25 years in the apparatus shop, which is responsible for the design, fabrication, and repair of scientific and research equipment for researchers throughout the arts and sciences area. Johnson is known for his ability to create precision parts based on the ideas of students and faculty.

Linda Kennedy
Linda Kennedy
Jennifer Korfelt
Jennifer Korfelt (Photo by Sarah Memmi)
Paula Ledoux
Paula Ledoux
Susan Lloyd
Susan Lloyd

Linda Skewes Kennedy
Student Activities
Linda Kennedy started her Dartmouth career in food services. Dean of Student Life Holly Sateia says that in 1988, when the College was creating a new position to support campus life, "Linda's energy, creativity, and passion for working with students made her the obvious choice." Over the years, Kennedy's work has enlivened existing campus traditions, while also creating new ones.

Jennifer A. Kortfelt
Digital Library Technology, Library
Jennifer Kortfelt came to Hanover from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. She quickly became the library's resident database expert, earning a promotion to senior programmer in 1987. In 2001, she became head of the new Digital Library Technologies Group (DLTG). Under Kortfelt's direction, DLTG keeps the systems running that make it possible for all of us to locate and use library resources.

Paula D. Ledoux
Pathology, Dartmouth Medical School
The Steroid-Radioimmunoassay laboratory was where Paula Ledoux began her career as a medical laboratory technician. In 1995 she began her work with the state-of-the-art Dartmouth Reference Laboratory. Ledoux's attention to detail has earned her the unofficial title of being the "gold standard" in all aspects of technical work. Colleagues praise her courage, determination, and grace.

Susan Lloyd
Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity
Susan Lloyd joined the College in 1981 as the child care coordinator in the Affirmative Action Office. After initiating a pilot program for the Dartmouth College Child Care Center in Hanover's Ray School, she arranged for the center's approval in 1987. She helped secure its expansion in 2003. Lloyd's work is appreciated by her colleagues and by thousands of families in the Upper Valley.

Stephen Lyon
Stephen Lyon
Nancy Markee
Nancy Markee
Patricia Morris
Patricia Morris (Photo by Sarah Memmi)
Donald Reed
Donald Reed

Stephen W. Lyon
Hanover Country Club
In the mid-1980s, Stephen Lyon began to put his mark on the Hanover Country Club golf course by expanding watering from tees and greens to all playable areas. In 1995, he oversaw the installation of a computerized irrigation system. A strong supporter of Dartmouth sports, Lyon is also an accomplished golfer—three-time club champion and three-time senior club champion.

Nancy Markee
Jones Media Center
Nancy Markee began her career at Dartmouth as a microtext assistant in Baker Library in 1981, becoming the microtext supervisor in 1989. Throughout her career she hired, trained, mentored, and befriended hundreds of student workers. Colleagues say Markee's wealth of knowledge, service to patrons, and contributions have been an essential part of the center's success.

Patricia S. Morris
Paddock Music Library
Patricia Morris began her Dartmouth career at Baker Library in 1982 as a data entry and research assistant for the Stefansson Project. In 1987, Morris was promoted to her current position as music library supervisor of Paddock Library. She has a particular interest in learning about and providing services for library users with disabilities.

Carol Peper
Department of French and Italian
When Carol Peper began her career in the Department of French and Italian as its executive secretary, there wasn't a single computer in the department, and copies for classes were made by hand cranking the ditto machine. Now with more technology at her fingertips, Peper continues to be appreciated for her competence in the many facets of her job, for her conscientiousness, and for her sense of humor. (No photo available)

Donald E. Reed
Dartmouth College Dining Services
Collis Center Manager Donald Reed oversees the Collis Café, Lone Pine Tavern, and Collis Late Night. Reed's outstanding leadership helps make Collis one of the most popular dining locations on campus. A member of the New England BBQ Society and the Kansas City BBQ Society, Reed has also earned distinction as a Certified BBQ Judge.

Kenneth Sensenig

Kenneth Sensenig
Adrienne Stone
Adrienne Stone
Lynn Thorp
Lynn Thorp
Nancy Wray
Nancy Wray

Kenneth H. Sensenig
Office of Residential Life
Ken Sensenig began working at Dartmouth in Thayer Dining Hall in September 1981. He transferred to the Office of Residential Life in 1989 and immediately became popular with students. Many visited his home for a meal, or to borrow a pickup truck to move. Students in Topliff were sad to see both Ken and his wife, Joyce, retire together in September 2006.

Adrienne W. Stone
Work Control Center, Facilities Operations and Management
In 1981, Adrienne Stone was hired to fill a new full-time position in the Buildings and Grounds department's equipment maintenance shop. She was responsible for records for all equipment on campus. It was in this role that she started her well-known hat collection. Stone also operated the Vox car office for 21 years, and has served as an instructor for Dartmouth's FLIP fitness program.

Lynn M. Thorp
Controller's Office
Lynn Thorp started working for the College in 1981 as an accounts payable clerk in the Controller's Office. Thorp was promoted several times and accepted the senior payroll accountant position in 2005. Colleagues say she has provided efficient and effective service to students, faculty, and staff for 25 years.

Nancy J. Wray
Office of Sponsored Projects
A professional career in sponsored research began for Nancy Wray in 1981, when she accepted an opportunity to join Dartmouth's grants and contracts office. After serving in positions of increasing responsibility, Wray was promoted to director of the Office for Sponsored Projects in 2002. Wray recently received a National Council of University Research Administrators award for her distinguished service.

Also honored for 25 years of service were Renee Risingsong, Pharmacology and Toxicology; Janice Thompson, International Office; and Mary Wood, Office of the Dean of the Faculty.


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