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Redesigned Library Web Site Debuts Next Term

The Dartmouth College Library’s online presence will undergo a major upgrade with the launch of its new Web site at the beginning of next term. The new site has been designed in response to user feedback and will be simpler and easier to navigate.

“One of our priorities is the ability to respond to a quickly changing information landscape,” says Mary LaMarca, Library communications and Web manager and chair of the redesign team. LaMarca notes that the Library gained flexibility by moving the site to OmniUpdate, the College-wide content management system. The site’s design is now consistent with the College’s home page, and every page includes an integrated search box and links to each of Dartmouth’s eight libraries.

The Library’s new home page features popular links right up front, including quick links for searching the catalog, finding articles with Search 360, finding videos, and locating materials on reserve. Regularly used services like BorrowDirect and DartDoc, and general information about the libraries, are also available directly from the home page. Two new areas highlight library resources by subject and teaching support. The catalog page has user-friendly tabbed views for each type of search, as well as features that allow users to limit searches to Web resources, music scores, or other formats; find articles by citation; and easily locate electronic journals by name.

“Our goal is to maintain a virtual presence that we can easily adapt to our users’ needs by providing more efficient navigation and discovery of our collections and services,” says Jeffrey Horrell, dean of libraries and librarian of the College.

The redesign team encourages suggestions during this final testing period. Users can preview the new site via a link on the current Library homepage. To submit comments, click on the “Web Redesign Survey” link at upper right of each preview page.

Members of the Library Web Redesign Team are LaMarca, William Ghezzi, Ridie Ghezzi, David Izzo, Paul Merchant, Phyllis Nemhauser, Fran Oscadal, Cyndy Pawlek, and Joshua Shaw. The Library also received support from Alan German and Ellen Kanner in Computing Services’ Web Services Department and from Martin Grant in the Office of Public Affairs.


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Last Updated: 12/17/08