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Vox of Dartmouth - February 18, 2008 Issue

Volume XXVI • Issue 12

President Wright to Step Down in 2009
James Wright, the College’s 16th President, has informed the Board of Trustees of his intention to step down as president of the College in June 2009.

Dartmouth Launches Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
The Office of the Dean of Faculty recently announced the establishment of the Dartmouth Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.

$5 Million from Gilman Foundation Supports the Arts
Hopkins Center has been awarded $5 million from The Howard Gilman Foundation to endow the center’s directorship, providing resources to support the director’s position and venture funds for new Hopkins Center initiatives.

Pearson Appointed Vice President for Communications
Diana L. Pearson, a seasoned communications executive who has held a number of senior strategic communications roles with leading media companies, has been appointed vice president for communications at Dartmouth.

Recognition for Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students

Matching Research to Society's Needs
In a growing trend, faculty on campuses across the country, including Dartmouth, are being urged to take an active role in translating new knowledge into use.

Dartmouth Daily Updates Streamline Administrative Communication
A new administrative communications tool is debuting Feb. 18, with a goal of enhancing and streamlining communications to Dartmouth’s faculty, staff, and students.

Employee News and Notes
Dartmouth employees will give their winter senses a jolt at the 137th New England Flower Show in Boston, “Rhapsody in Green,” thanks to After Hours.

Mellon Foundation Supports Dartmouth-Duke Collaboration on Digital Information Management
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation recently awarded Dartmouth $352,000 to establish a digital information strategy that can serve as models for other institutions.

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