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Big Green Send-Off

Now in its second year (and on its second bus), the 2006 Big Green Bus crew prepared for its 10-week, 45-stop environmental education tour with a send-off from the Hanover restaurant Canoe Club. The bus, which received help from numerous corporate sponsors including Newman's Own, got its inaugural fill-up of used fry grease—which powers its unmodified diesel engine—from the Canoe Club kitchen.

The Big Green Bus
Front row, from left: Canoe Club owner John Chapin, crew member Brian Hendrickson '06, Canoe Club Chef Bill Teaham, and crew members Craig Rubens '06, Mitch Ermentrout '04, DMS '09, and Lucas Schulz '08. Back row, from left: Jeffrey Milloy '09, Vivien Savath '06, and Elliott May '06. (Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)


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Last Updated: 12/17/08