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Dartmouth-Sponsored Awards Support Range of Alumni Projects

The Dartmouth Committee on Graduate Fellowships recently announced the 2006 alumni winners of six Dartmouth-endowed awards. "These awards support alumni in research and study endeavors in the United States and abroad, including full-time graduate programs, creative projects, language study, and internships," says Kristin O'Rourke, Dartmouth's scholarship advisor. "Dartmouth's support of these exciting projects, many of which would not qualify for funding through traditional post-graduate fellowships, speaks to the College's commitment to continued academic growth for alumni."

Scholar Reception
Reynolds Scholar Sonia Bojanowska-Cantor '06 talks with Robert Russell, research associate at Thayer School of Engineering, at a May reception for scholarship winners. (Photo by Kawakahi Amina '09)

James B. Reynolds Scholarships for Foreign Study
Reynolds Scholarships support one year of study in any field in a foreign country, usually in affiliation with a recognized educational institution. Winners are selected based on intellectual ability and character and on the value of their work to society. Reynolds Scholarships were established in 1949 by gifts in the will of James B. Reynolds, Class of 1890.

  • Sonia Bojanowska-Cantor '06 – translation of Polish novel into English, Paris, France
  • Ana Catalano '06 – M.S. in comparative politics, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • Rose Catania '03 – North African/Italian immigration research project, University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy
  • Elizabeth Goldstein '06 – agriculture project, Kenya Institute of Organic Farming, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Mitzi Huang '05 – L.L.B., Cambridge University, Faculty of Law
  • Allison Huggins '02 – human rights internship with African Rights, Kigali, Rwanda
  • Christopher McMullen-Laird '05 – publication and modern production of Cherubini Opera, Mainz, Germany

Dartmouth General Fellowships
These awards are granted for one year of graduate study or projects in the United States and abroad. Awards are made with consideration of the soundness of the proposed program, academic merit, and financial need. Preference is given to graduating seniors and to alumni beginning their first year of graduate study. The fellowships are supported by eight endowments, named in honor of the following alumni: Fred D. Barker, Class of 1872; Richard C. Campbell Jr., Class of 1921; George E. Chamberlin, Class of 1860; James K. Colby. Class of 1838; Charles O. Miller Jr., Class of 1899; Henry E. Parker, Class of 1841; and James B. Richardson, Class of 1857.

  • Erin Arnold '06 – joint doctoral program in clinical psychology, San Diego State University/University of California San Diego
  • Jamil Batcha '06 – one-year intensive Mandarin language study, CET Academic Program, Beijing, China
  • Ariel Churnin '05 – M.F.A., New York Studio School
  • Jessica Doyle '05 – creation of a portfolio of paintings and drawings, Lakebay, Washington
  • Abigail Gillard '01 – doctor of physical therapy program, Columbia University
  • Sophia Khan '06 – Mandarin language study and research on Beijing Opera, Beijing, China
  • Erin Loskutoff DMS '06 – M.A. in public health, Yale School of Nursing
  • Zeynep Oz '04 – curatorial internship in New York City
  • Jean Polfus '06 – conservation biology, Taku River, British Columbia
  • Sokrat Postol '06 – translation of a French novel into Albanian, Paris, France
  • Yamini Rao '06 – archaeological field work, Tarapaca Valley Field School, Chile
  • Gloria Sheng '06 – M.A. in micro- and nanotechnology, Cambridge University, United Kingdom
  • Christina Stoltz '06 – Russian language study, Middlebury College
  • Sophie Thurber '06 – M.S. in political theory, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • Else Wollman '02 – M.Arch., Princeton University School of Architecture
  • Ji-Young Yoon '05 – International School of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture, Umbria, Italy

The Paul L. and Neil T. McGorrian Fellowship
Established in 1992 in honor of the late Paul L. McGorrian '83 and his brother Neil, the McGorrian Fellowship is awarded to a graduating senior whose proposal for foreign travel or study reflects a desire to learn about the world and communicate that knowledge to other Americans.

  • Sophia Khan '06 – Mandarin language study and research on Beijing Opera, Beijing, China

The Alfred K. Priest Fellowship
The Alfred K. Priest fund was established in 1979, through a bequest from Joseph K. Priest. The fellowship supports Dartmouth graduates in any graduate program at Harvard University. Applicants' potential for excellence in their chosen fields, capacity for leadership, and financial need are all considered.

  • Laura Dellatore '03 – J.D., Harvard School of Law
  • Tanya Ghani '03 – M.P.P. in economic and political development, Harvard School of Government
  • Joanna Lau '06 – M.Ed., Harvard School of Education, Teaching, and Learning
  • Lindsay Page '98 – M.A. in statistics, Harvard School of Arts and Sciences

The Fred C. Scribner Jr. 1930 Fellowship
The fellowship was established in 1988 by a gift from the law firm of Pierce, Atwood, Scribner, Allen, Smith and Lancaster of Portland, Maine to support graduating seniors enrolling in law school. Preference is given to seniors from the state of Maine.

  • Katherine Goodman '06 – Columbia University Law School

The Fred C. Scribner, Jr. 1930 and James H. Hamlen Fund Fellowship
This fellowship was established in 2004 by a gift from James H. Hamlen to support graduating seniors enrolling in law school. Preference is given to seniors from the state of Maine.

  • Evgeniya Petrova '06 – Stanford Law School

The Charles H. Woodbury Class of 1879 Memorial Law Prizes
The scholarships were established in 1905 by a gift from Mrs. Frances E. Woodbury to provide fellowships for two graduating seniors enrolling in law school

  • Jesse Brush '06 – Yale Law School
  • Emily Bussigel '06 – Columbia University Law School

View the complete list of 2006 Dartmouth and national scholarship award winners.


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