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 Trustee decisions on facilities, investments

At its November meeting, the Dartmouth Board of Trustees discussed plans for new science facilities, approved construction plans for a new varsity house, met with student leaders and newly tenured faculty members and took action on the College's policy on investments in companies doing business in Sudan. The trustees received updates on campus construction, including the schedule and work plan for a new life sciences building, currently in the conceptual stage, which will be designed to facilitate greater interdisciplinarity among science departments, integration between classroom and laboratory activities and provide top-flight facilities for the life sciences at Dartmouth. The board voted to build a new varsity house that will contain a varsity strength training center, a technologically equipped classroom, meeting rooms for the entire athletics department, offices and football locker facilities.

Based on recommendations by the board's Investment Committee and the College's Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR), the trustees voted to direct the College's Investment Office to avoid investments in six companies - in which the College does not currently hold stock - deemed to be directly complicit in what the U.S. Congress and Department of State have determined to be genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan.

"This kind of action should be taken infrequently and only in the most compelling circumstances," President James Wright said.  "This decision reflects Dartmouth's concern about the Sudanese government's campaign of atrocities against civilians, which Congress and the State Department have described as genocide."

Board Chair William H. Neukom '64 thanked the ACIR and the students involved in the Darfur Action Group for bringing this to the board's attention, and for their work in researching the issues. Neukom said the board encouraged the administration to support additional education programs concerning the Darfur situation.

For more information, see the news release.

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Last Updated: 12/17/08