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Web cast on "Undergraduate Education: New Approaches, Same Goal"

What does it take to produce the finest undergraduate education in the country?

Carol Folt
Carol Folt

On Monday, Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. (EST), a live, interactive Web cast featuring Dean of the Faculty Carol Folt will focus on that question, offering answers and insights and providing viewers a chance to ask questions via e-mail.

Hosted by Alumni Council President Rick Routhier '73 and moderated by Trustee Al Mulley '70, the Web cast will cover a range of relevant topics, including why:

  • undergraduate education has become so participatory at Dartmouth, with students in partnership with leading scholars in their fields;
  • there is an intensity to pursue a "global Dartmouth experience;"
  • learning at the intersection of disciplines is essential in problem-solving and understanding our world;
  • intellectual risk taking is one of the more important lessons Dartmouth can teach.

Dartmouth's mission is unchanging: teaching students to think critically, with open minds, through a rigorous curriculum emphasizing breadth over depth, and enabling them to apply these skills years after they've left campus. The ways in which it pursues that mission, however, are always evolving. The Web cast will provide an opportunity learn how Dartmouth is pursuing its mission today and how it plans to do so in the future.

Visit this Dartmouth News page for more information, or call the Public Affairs Office at 646-3661.


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Last Updated: 12/17/08