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New ROTC instructor at Dartmouth

Major Eric Carver
Major Eric Carver

Major Eric A. Carver of Newburyport, Mass. joined the Dartmouth Campus this summer as the new instructor for the College's Army ROTC, known as the Lone Pine Detachment. Carver replaced Major Anthony Eric Lowry as ROTC instructor for Dartmouth. Previously, Carver served for two years as a ROTC instructor at Norwich University, of which he is also a graduate. Currently, Carver splits his time between Norwich and Dartmouth, due in part to Dartmouth's relatively small cadet class of four students. Carver explained that he looks forward to recruiting more cadets, although he acknowledged that the war in Iraq has tempered some of the casual interest in ROTC. He noted, however, the scholarship benefits of the training corps, which include up to $23,000 per year in tuition benefits in exchange for eight years of service as a commissioned officer.


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Last Updated: 12/17/08