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Work progresses on new Dartmouth directory

Online version will offer new features and flexibility

A new version of the Dartmouth College Directory will soon be available-both online as well as in print.

A team from Public Affairs, Human Resources and Administrative Computing has been working since March to create the online version of the directory, which is now in the testing phase and due to be unveiled in late September. The print version, meanwhile, will continue to be produced in the fall term.

"We've made significant progress in moving from the old, hand-crafted process for creating the directory into more efficient production methods," said Director of Publications Rick Adams. "These new methods have enabled us to create an online version, which has been a goal of ours for some time."

While the print version of the directory will continue to include only work-related information for faculty and staff, the online version will offer the options of including personal information, including home address and phone number, spouse or partner's name and non-Dartmouth e-mail addresses. Basic student information, including name, class year and Hinman mail address, will return to the directory. As always, anyone can request to opt out of either version of the directory entirely.

The development of the new directory included a series of focus groups including faculty, staff and students to identify needs for the project. The directory project team has since worked to include feedback from these groups and to resolve the various challenges associated with compiling complete and accurate information on students, faculty and staff, and doing so through electronic means. As a result, members of the Dartmouth community will be able to check and, in some cases, change their information online at any time rather than annually.

Testing of a prototype of the online search and information maintenance screens began in mid-August and is expected to be completed prior to fall term. After the testing phase and final programming are complete, the online directory will be released to the College community. The online directory will be accessible from the College's home page.

"Our current goal is for the online directory to be up and running for at least one month before data is pulled for the printed version of the book," said Adams. "This will give students, faculty and staff time to review and update their information." The data will then be collected and sent to University Directories, a Chapel Hill, N.C., firm specializing in the production of printed college telephone directories. Distribution of the print version is targeted for late in the fall term.

Watch for more information in the coming weeks on the launch of the new directory as well as information on how to use the new system.

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Last Updated: 12/17/08