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Mellon Fellow appointed

Mark Hunter has just begun his term as the Dartmouth Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow for 2005-07. Hunter, who recently received his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley, will join the Department of Geography.

Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter

Hunter's main area of study is the political economy of AIDS in southern Africa. His research focuses on the ways in which unemployment and social inequality are driving the South African pandemic. At Dartmouth, he will teach two undergraduate courses per academic year and work on developing his doctoral dissertation into a book.

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded in the humanities and social sciences. Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the program has been bringing young scholars to Dartmouth since 2001. "Postdoctoral fellows play an important role in colleges like Dartmouth that do not have Ph.D. programs in the humanities and most social sciences," said Jonathan Crewe, Professor of English and Director of the Fannie and Alan Leslie Center for the Humanities. "These Fellows represent the state-of-the art in their fields and are innovative forces in teaching and scholarship at Dartmouth." Crewe serves on the selection committee that chose Hunter from a highly competitive field of candidates.

Professor of Geography Richard Wright served as Acting Chair of Geography last spring and was also involved in the selection process. "There was widespread support for Hunter in and beyond the Department of Geography," he said. "His work in HIV/AIDS and social networks is interesting and original, and connects with the research interests of several colleagues in the department. It also meshes with strong general student interest in global health and Africa.  Environmental studies has a foreign studies program in southern Africa and they were also excited by the prospect of Mark joining us."

Hunter commented, "I am delighted to be undertaking a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at Dartmouth and to be based in the Department of Geography. The position will allow me to interact with leading scholars. I also look forward to the exciting prospect of teaching undergraduates."

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows gain valuable teaching experience, while bringing new ideas and courses to Dartmouth. "It is good for the post-doc and good for us. We are a small department, and having a new Ph.D. in our midst adds to the critical mass of scholars in geography," added Wright. "The faculty benefits from this, as do the students."


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Last Updated: 12/17/08