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Vox of Dartmouth, the College's newspaper for faculty and staff, ceased publication in February 2010. For current Dartmouth news and events, see:

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Online news made easy

Did you know that the Dartmouth website offers news updates in the form of RSS-XML feeds? RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication," is one of the fastest-growing methods of accessing information on the Web. The technology produces a list of headlines, brief summaries and links to stories, delivered directly to your computer via news feeds, allowing you to subscribe to and conveniently access updates from your favorite sites.

Software programs called news aggregators consolidate the feeds you subscribe to and display them as a menu of headlines. Instead of visiting and searching multiple sites, you can open your news aggregator, browse the headlines and open only the stories that interest you.

Dartmouth currently provides a number of RSS feeds, including news from the Office of Public Affairs, Dartmouth Athletics, the libraries and the events calendar. (More Dartmouth RSS feeds)

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Last Updated: 12/17/08