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Big Green Everest

Dartmouth '98s Greg Vadasdi, left, and Dan Protz, right, have reason to smile. They are pictured at the 29,035-foot summit of Mt. Everest on June 2, having led the Big Green Everest Expedition to the top. Their accomplishment came at the end of a two-month trek and many additional months of training and preparation.

The pair scaled the lesser-climbed north face of the mountain, which is known for its harsh winds and icy, rocky terrain. "The wind was incredible," said Protz. "It was really exhausting."

At Dartmouth, Vadasdi and Protz both rowed on the heavyweight crew team. They have been climbing together for the past five years and have reached the summits of several peaks over 10,000 feet, including Mt. Denali in Alaska (20,320') and Mt. Elbrus in Russia (18,510'). "As you can tell from the expedition name, we have great memories from Dartmouth," said Vadasi. "It was nice to celebrate the good memories we have of the College while attempting this big challenge."

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Last Updated: 12/17/08