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Senior class gift sets record

Funds raised will benefit future Dartmouth students

Participation was the keyword as Dartmouth '05s turned out in record number to support the Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) with their senior class gift. Approximately 55 percent of the class contributed to the DCF, collecting a total gift of $14,928. Most of the funds were directed towards current-use scholarships. In this way, the class plays a role in making a Dartmouth education accessible to deserving students.

President James Wright and his wife, Susan DeBevoise Wright (center, in Dartmouth shirts) celebrate the senior class gift with members of the Class of 2005 in the Hyphen. Seniors contributed a total of $14,928 to the Dartmouth College Fund.

"The numbers involved in this class gift, both in participation and actual dollars, are impressive. The class of 2005 really got behind the program," says DCF Associate Director Nariah Broadus. "The '05s were determined to have the highest level of participation ever in supporting the class gift and, in turn, set the bar high for future classes."

Leading the charge in organizing the class gift were a 35-member senior gift committee and three DCF-recruited interns, including Lindsay Earls '05 who said, "I think that the success of this year's gift was related to the enthusiasm of our volunteers. We had a really great group of captains and agents who loved to ... share their knowledge about giving with the rest of the class. We were able to get the word out about the gift and to get people really excited to show their love for Dartmouth."

"Our team promoted the class gift all year," said Broadus. "The senior class officer spoke about giving. President [James] Wright also asked the class directly for gifts. I know it made a connection for many students to hear the President explain what a strong message it sent when members of the class showed their appreciation for their Dartmouth education."

"I think this sets such a wonderful example for others to follow. This is a very strong class."

- Peggy Parsons

DCF organizers also initiated a number of programs to stress class participation. A one hundred percent participation challenge was extended by the DCF to the Coed, Fraternity and Sorority (CFS) System. Eight houses - Alpha Chi Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Gamma Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Lambda Upsilon Colony, Sigma Nu and Sigma Phi Epsilon - met the challenge and were invited to a special barbecue on June 6, where Wright had offered to roll up his sleeves to flip burgers at the event to show his appreciation for their efforts. When a rain storm forced the party indoors, he joined them at the Hyphen, the lounge which connects Butterfield and Russell Sage Halls.

Four other CFS houses likewise took advantage of another new program under which a Class of 2005 scholar is named for each $1,000 gift, or if an organization gives $1,000, a scholar will be named for the organization. Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon all succeeded in reaching this goal.

The Senior Executive Committee, the leadership group elected by the class to lead them until their fifth reunion, likewise achieved 100 percent participation and raised $2,000. "I think this sets such a wonderful example for others to follow," says Deputy Director of Alumni Relations Peggy Parsons. "This is a very strong class."

"Everything really came together perfectly," says Broadus. "It was a truly inspiring year."

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Last Updated: 12/17/08