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May 29, 2006 Issue

Volume XXIV • Issue 18

In the Spotlight
New members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Deep Vision
Dartmouth physicians and engineers are collaborating to test new imagining techniques to find breast abnormalities, including cancer.

Employee Survey Results Reported
Results of survey conducted by Resource Systems Group, Inc. finds most administrative employees are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs and would recommend Dartmouth to a friend as an employer.

Nine Seniors Win Fulbrights to Study Overseas
Destinations for students range from Sweden to Qatar as these members of the Class of 2006 pursue research and study around the world.

ALPS Turns 25
The unorthodox, but successful, Accelerated Language Programs celebrates its 25th anniversary.  Languages are taught using theatrical methods, intense language immersion, and profound personal engagement of students.

Alumni Council Endorses Proposed Constitution
A secret ballot vote at the Alumni Council's May meeting unanimously endorses the new Proposed Constitution of the Dartmouth Alumni Association.

Recognition for Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students

Full Circle
Award winning author and Professor of Religion and of African and African American studies, Ifi Amadiume, receives the 2006 Flora Nwapa Society Award.

Iraqi Kids Project
Students provide tangible aid to Iraqi children and adults by donating cast-off clothes, school supplies, and other miscellany left in dorm rooms at the end of the term.

Intercultural Interest
Visiting Chinese scholar, Huilin Qiu, studies Native American tribes and clans which, she says, can be a point of reference for studying the various minority populations throughout China.

Call for 2007 Martin Luther King, Jr. Social Justice Awards Nominations
Deadline for nominations is August 1

Hurricane Still Life
On display at the Hood Museum of Art, Viktor Schreckengost's Hurricane Still Life honors the artist's 100th birthday.

On the Path to Leadership
Mita Sharma '08 becomes one of only 100 higher education students worldwide to be selected as this year's Goldman Sach's Global Leaders and will return to New York City this summer to participate in the Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Institute.

Empowerment Through Performance
Rena Fried '08 studies how performance arts might affect an inmate's life while incarcerated in a women's prison and after release and how the arts may aid in prison reform.

Research Awards
Dartmouth researchers were awarded $14.7 million during April, including $3.1 million in new and competing awards.

CECS Study Calls for Overhaul in Treatment of Chronic Illness
A new study uncovers staggering variations in how hospitals care for chronically ill elderly patients.

Deep Freeze
Rachel Obbard, a graduate student at Thayer, receives a grant from the Geographical Society of Philadelphia.

Interludes: Upcoming in Faulkner Recital Hall
Dartmouth students and their friends will present a variety of free concerts that are open to the public.

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