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Class of 2008 matriculates

Dartmouth President James Wright greets members of the Class of 2008 in his office on Sept. 19 as they formally matriculate into the College. Wright personally conducts the matriculation ceremony each year. The 1,077 members of the first-year class include 544 women and 533 men. The character and personality of the Class of 2008 is also reflected in their activities and interests. For example, 47 percent performed community service during secondary school, 44 percent had significant involvement in the arts, 32 percent were sports team captains, 10 percent were publication editors, and 7 percent were class presidents. In total, members of the class speak 37 different languages. In addition the class includes mountain climbers and dancers, poets and computer experts, politicians and playwrights.

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Last Updated: 12/17/08