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Internet phones coming

Published July 26, 2004

VOIP phone

This summer, Dartmouth Computing Services personnel will switch all faculty and staff members who have 646 exchanges from regular telephones to   Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The process involves removing the old handset from each office and replacing it with a new device.  "It looks like a phone and acts like a phone; the dial tone is the same as before," says Larry Levine, Director of Computing Services. "The only difference is that the new ones plug into the data network instead of the old phone network, and VoIP offer more features." VoIP is one application made possible by convergence, the combining of Dartmouth's phone, data and cable networks (see the April 21, 2003, issue of Vox). The new VoIP phones use the same numbers, and Computing Services will offer workshops to answer any questions and to explain some new features of VoIP. Starting Monday, July 26, training sessions will be scheduled for each department, and details will be coordinated with the Program and Departmental Assistants. For more information, visit Telephone Services and Introduction to VoIP.

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