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Two Americas, one vision

Arturo Valenzuela to visit campus as Class of 1950 Fellow

"In this Hemisphere, peaceful and prosperous neighbors are vital to the interests of the United States," said Dr. Arturo Valenzuela in recent testimony before the Congressional Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. "Failed states close to home would represent a lost opportunity to turn the Americas into an engine of growth and prosperity at a time when China and India are surging ahead and becoming increasingly important players on the world stage," he said in a Mar. 9 statement assessing Latin America's political climate.

Dr. Arturo Valenzuela

Professor of Government and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University, Valenzuela will be in residence at Dartmouth May 3-6 as the Class of 1950 Senior Foreign Affairs Fellow. A former State Department official in the Clinton Administration, he is an internationally recognized expert on a broad range of policy issues confronting the Western Hemisphere and has written widely on the subject of developing democracies in Latin America.

During a busy stay on campus, he will speak, meet with students and faculty and be a guest in two Government Department classes. His public lecture, "The Challenge of Democratic Consolidation in Latin America and Implications for U.S. Interests," will be on Tues., May 3 at 4:30 p.m. in Filene Auditorium, Moore Hall.

Valenzuela served in the U.S. State Department during the first four years of the Clinton Administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs and became Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Inter-American Affairs at the National Security Council during Clinton's second term.

"We are delighted to have Professor Valenzuela here as both a distinguished scholar and a respected member of the former Clinton Administration policy team," said Dickey Center Director Kenneth Yalowitz. "He is uniquely placed to discuss Latin America, an area critical to us but one which does not get the attention it deserves."

The Class of 1950 Senior Foreign Affairs Fellowship is supported by a fiftieth anniversary endowment gift from the Class of 1950, whose members were the first to experience four full years of former Dartmouth President John Sloan Dickey's efforts to incorporate international relations into the curriculum, better preparing Dartmouth graduates to lead in an increasingly complex world. The Class specified that these endowment funds be used "to bring distinguished foreign leaders, scholars and specialists to the Dartmouth campus for short periods to interface with the students on the important issues of the day."

Valenzuela will also be available to meet with faculty individually by appointment. To arrange a meeting, e-mail


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Last Updated: 12/17/08