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Italian Accents

April 12 event highlights Italian writers and dialects

Palermo, Bologna, Roma, Milano, Napoli - a tour of these Italian cities would span the length of the peninsula, from the southern island of Sicily to the northern region of Lombardy. The journey would reveal an immense variety of local dialects and cultures. On Tuesday, Apr. 12, at 6:30 p.m. in Brace Commons, the Dartmouth Italian Club invites you to take a guided tour through Italian society, language and literature in Italy: City by City, Author by Author.

Marta Mondelli
On Tuesday, Apr. 12, Italian actress Marta Mondelli will perform a dramatic reading from the works of five Italian authors in Italy: City by City, Author by Author (photo courtesy of Marta Monelli)

Italian actress Marta Mondelli will be the guide in a dramatic reading of five Italian authors: Leonardo Sciascia of Palermo (Il Giorno della Civetta/The Day of the Owl); Eduardo De Filippo of Naples (Poesie di Eduardo/Collected Poems); Ennio Flaiano of Rome (selected articles); Stefano Benni of Bologna (Bar Sport and Bar Sport 2000) and Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo of Milan (Morte accidentale di un anarchico/Accidental Death of an Anarchist). Mondelli will read each selection in the original dialect and accent of the author's city.

Although the readings will be in Italian, the event is designed to be accessible to non-Italian speakers. Each piece will be accompanied by an introduction and discussion in English, regional music, images and video clips from each author and city. Soprano Felicia Plunkett '05 will also perform a traditional Neapolitan song.

"This multimedia experience will showcase some of the most important Italian writers of our time and give a deep and realistic understanding of the complexity within Italian society and  culture," said Rebecca Rossi, Italian Suite Advisor. Rossi lives in Italian Suite affinity housing, advises students, plans events and assists faculty in the classroom.

Rossi recruited actress and personal friend Marta Mondelli for the performance. The two met while in high school in their native Bologna. Mondelli now lives in New York City, where she performs primarily in live theater. Her film credits include Stai con me (2004), Come Away with Me (2005) and Crossing (2003), produced by Spike Lee.

Christopher McMullen-Laird '05, President of the Italian Club, collaborated with Rossi to organize the event. "I'm looking forward to it because I have never traveled much in Italy," he said. "I want to hear all the different accents."

McMullen-Laird notes that all Italian Club events are open to non-members. Regular activities include a film series (Italian with English subtitles) and La Tavola Italiana, an Italian language lunch gathering that takes place once to twice a week in the Thayer Dining Hall cafeteria. Speakers at all levels of proficiency (or lack thereof) are welcome to attend.

For more information about this or other Italian Club events this spring, contact Rebecca Rossi at 646-6248.


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Last Updated: 12/17/08