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Flu Prevention Kits

This winter, thanks to a Class of 1977 class project called the Dick's House Fund, Health Services staff are distributing kits to help ward off illness.

"The kits have cough drops, Tylenol, masks and disposable thermometers," says Laura Rubinstein, Coordinator of Health Education Programs. "There's also information about the flu, when to contact your primary provider and how to take care of yourself if you get sick."

According to Rubinstein, the kits are part of this season's stepped-up virus prevention efforts. They will be distributed to students through the network of Undergraduate Advisors and the leadership at Greek houses. Health Services will also provide them to a targeted group of employees, specifically people who work in some areas of the  Dartmouth Dining Services Department and the Facilities Operations and Management Department.

"If other people would like a kit," says Rubinstein, "just Blitz me."

Rubinstein says that supplies of the flu vaccine are still unpredictable, and that's why flu prevention is very important this winter season. 


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Last Updated: 12/17/08