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Search tool unveiled on website

Portal searches databases, indexes, other resources

Published October 20, 2003; Category: THAYER SCHOOL

ISI's Jim Pringle and engineering student Xianghui Weng experiment with Dartmouth's new web portal. (Photo by Joe Mehling '69)

In early October, Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering hosted the launch of a new web "portal" that can search across a group of key science and engineering databases using a single search interface. Called the Dartmouth Engineering and Applied Sciences Portal, the project was a joint effort between the Dartmouth College Library and Thomson ISI, founded as the Institute for Scientific Information. The portal's primary feature is a single search interface that retrieves information across a group of science and engineering databases, allowing users to search multiple collections simultaneously without having to learn each interface. It supports searches across journal indexes, patents and selected Internet UseNet newsgroups. The Oct. 8 launch followed 18 months of development work by the Dartmouth College Library and Thomson ISI to design and test the portal and integrate it into the Digital Library at Dartmouth. The portal is accessible to all faculty members, students and staff members during academic year 2003-04. Later Thomson ISI staff and Dartmouth librarians will evaluate the portal's performance and value. The portal is accessible through the Digital Library website.


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