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Flu season's precautions outlined

Websites offer guidelines

Published January 12, 2004; Category: ADMINISTRATION

The flu season is underway. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza outbreaks typically peak from November through April.

There are many ways to help prevent the flu, and vaccination is recommended for those with chronic health conditions, health-care workers or others in frequent contact with people who are ill, and anyone over 50.

"Flu vaccine is encouraged for people who provide essential community services, students who live in dormitories, and anyone who wants to reduce their chance of catching influenza," says John F. Turco, Director of College Health Services. Five campus clinics were held in the fall for members of the Dartmouth community and vaccination for employees is free, sponsored by the Office of Human Resources.

Even though stocks of vaccine are in short supply this year, there are many ways to prevent the spread of flu. There is also a new product, Flumist, that can be effective in preventing influenza. More information should be available from your health care provider or at

Helpful information can also be found on the Health Service website, and the CDC maintains a special site that provides the latest information, along with tips on preventing the illness.


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